Mike Lindell to Newsmax TV: 90 percent sure will run for Minnesota Governor

“I’m 90-some-percent. Let’s put it that way,” Mike announced when Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly asked if he was going to run for Minnesota Governor.

“It is incredible, how one party can ruin cities and ruin states,” laments Mike as he goes on to enumerate how “bad the leadership is and not just Minneapolis but around the country in these Democratic cities.” Mike believes that he could do “a lot of common sense things” to improve the current environment and that he would be “a great uniter.”

Mike is confident, saying “They’re making it look pretty easy for me to run.”

So, watch the video as Mike (almost) announces his intention to run for governor. You can also read more details at newsmax.com/newsmax-tv/lindell-minnesota-governor/2020/06/17

Then, find out how Mike conquered major addictions, created his highly successful MyPillow company, and then went on to White House politics in Mike’s new memoir, What are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO. He just might need a whole new book if he becomes governor!