Mike Lindell to Newsmax TV: Trump Is the faith president

Greg Kelly praises Mike for talking about the “value of prayer” at the White House Coronavirus Briefing and then, since this is the National Day of Prayer, talks about several aspects of prayer:

  • President Trump and prayer: Trump is “the most praying president we’ve ever had, and he’s done more for faith than any president in history.”
  • Praying for our country: “There’s no better time for praying for our country, praying for our President, and praying to get out of this.”
  • People who know the Lord praying: “If you’re at home and know the Lord, reach out to people who don’t and be a disciple during this National Day of Prayer.”

And Mike’s prayer for all: “my biggest prayer is that God will fill everybody with peace and know that we’ll get through this.”

For more details, see newsmax.com/newsmax-tv/mike-lindell-mypillow-face-masks-ppe/2020/05/07/id/966603/

Mike was saved through prayer

Mike is passionate about God and prayer because, after decades of severe crack cocaine and gambling addictions, Mike was saved through the power of prayer. Then, through God, he was able to go on to obtain the true American Dream.

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