Mike Lindell to Newsmax TV: Trump will get ‘landslide’ In Minnesota

“I think Trump is not only going to win, but it’s going to be a landslide” Mike proclaimed in this Spicer & Company interview on Newsmax TV.

Mike, who is President Trump’s Minnesota 2020 Campaign Chairperson, is confident of Trump winning since “now we have proof of concept and we have all the great things the President has done.”

Show host Sean Spicer pointed out that there are polls that put Biden and Trump within 5 points of each other in Minnesota, which is “a dog race.” Mike responded that “Minnesota needs to change. The George Floyd death just exposed everything” given “the riots and everything that went on.”

Plus, “the city with the worst black unemployment in the United States is Minneapolis” because “we didn’t follow the great things that the President is doing in other areas of the United States.”

Mike believes that it’s “just a matter of getting the word out there and saying, ‘Hey, look where we were right before the pandemic.’”

Mike is so confident about Trump winning that when Trump asked Mike, “Are we going to win in Minnesota?” Mike responded, “100% sir.”

As Mike says, “Boy, they are making it easy for me in Minnesota.”

For more details, see: newsmax.com/newsmax-tv/lindell-trump-spicer-newsmax-tv/2020/06/16/id/972548/