Mike Lindell with Dave Lee on WCCO: “I want to use what I went through and use it for the good”

“I want to use what I went through (when Mike was an addict) and use it for the good,” is the resounding message in Mike Lindell’s interview with Dave Lee on The WCCO Morning News.


  • The Salvation Army: Mike has found that The Salvation Army has the “best success rate of any rehabilitation center that I’ve seen.” They’re only half full, there is no rule 25 required, it’s free, there are no income requirements, and no insurance is needed. They even train you for jobs and place you in jobs either with The Salvation Army or with companies they have partnered with. So, if you or an addict you know needs help, call The Salvation Army at 612-547-5690. As Mike says, “it’s the answer to prayer.”
  • Lindell Foundation: Mike is working on his Lindell Foundation, where you will be able to pick out a need and “100% of your money will go to the need,” since all the overhead will be paid by Mike and other entities. Plus, “you will get to see the difference that you made in the lives of those you donated to.”
  • Mike’s recovery: The core of Mike’s work at helping addicts comes from the fact that Mike was able to quit his crack cocaine addiction with the help of a friend who had quit who came to Mike in December 2008. For his friend gave Mike a huge revelation: when Mike asked, “Is it (recovery) boring?” his friend answered, “No, man, it’s amazing.” Mike quit the next month, on January 16, 2009, when, through prayer, he was able to give up all his addictions in one night. He has been clean and sober ever since.

As Mike says:
“I want to use what I went through and use it for the good – to help people…as so many addicts (and families) don’t know how to get through their addiction, or where to go for help…I want to give the message of hope. And, you know, the pillows are just a platform for a much bigger purpose than me, and that’s God.”