Mike Lindell with Joe Piscopo discusses the inner cities and “Unplanned”, a movie Mike funded and acts in

Mike talked enthusiastically about all the inner city initiatives that are going on – plus the movie he funded and has a part in – on the Piscopo In The Morning AM 970 The Answer show.

Inner City Initiatives

Mike says that President Trump is creating “amazing jobs” now. Plus, Mike is doing a lot with his foundation. And, there are several organizations that are doing good, like the Salvation Army’s Pathway to Hope, which is “the best program for teaching people how to get and keep a job.”

There is also Ben Carson’s Envision Centers that are “amazing”. These centers are hubs with many spokes where people can access a variety of services to increase self-sufficiency. In one area, for example, they take people’s skills and present opportunities to them, then use those peoples’ passions to motivate them.

Mike says that what works is to take “things that are working and then use them in other places.” For example, the Salvation Army works. So reverse engineer what works and recreate what they are doing and apply it to other areas.

The other important piece is the church leaders. For, “engaging all the pastors is “powerful, a huge thing.”

And Trump brings “such confidence”. So companies are “hiring from the inner city”…”to give people second chances.” And, they are “creating careers, not just jobs.” “Our wages are going up because consumer confidence is at an all-time high.”

Mike emphasizes that “entrepreneur and business owners are at an all-time high in spite of all the attacks on our President,” attacks which are “shameful”. For, Mike has watched the President, and “Trump listens so well, he takes it all in.” The President “is so pragmatic. We have a President that has common sense.”

And, Mike says that “Trump is fighting for us and look at all these good things that are going on – people can’t say one bad thing about what’s going on”.

Unplanned, the movie

Mike also discussed his role in the movie “Unplanned,” a movie about the true story of Abby Johnson, who quit Planned Parenthood to become an anti-abortion crusader.

Mike liked this movie so much that he put $1 million into it. He also has a part in the movie where he bulldozes a Planned Parenthood building down. They were going to use a stuntman to do this, but Mike said that he “was not going to go on a radio and TV after this and tell people they used a stuntman”.


When Mike was at the Minnesota State Fair, a “thousand people came up to him and everyone, except for one, said two things: your transformation, wow, what an amazing story of God bringing you through and, we’re praying for our President.”

Mike continues to inspire, as does Trump and his administration and other faith-based organizations as they help people help themselves.