Mike Lindell with Joe Piscopo: “Trump is our hope right now”

Mike called in from the Trump Hotel in Washington DC to emphasize that “Trump is our hope right now,” in a discussion about the midterm elections on The Joe Piscopo Show on AM970 The Answer

The Midterm Elections

Mike relates that, due to the Democrats winning the top tickets in Minnesota, he is “very worried, especially since Minnesota was going in such a great direction”. Mike said that he is “especially worried about the election of Keith Ellison for Attorney General,” for Mike fears that Ellison will use the AG platform to go after Trump. Mike says that all he can do is “pray now” and hope that Ellison doesn’t do that.

Mike felt the Republican losses were due to that fact that people didn’t really get the real message in Minnesota due to the media.

Others that Mike supported across the country won, though, including Kevin Cramer from North Dakota, Ted Cruz from Texas, and Rick Scott from Florida. Mike says, “that just shows that the President’s rallies really promoted voting for those senators, which was very important.”

The Republicans still have the Senate, and Mike feels that “the president is so resourceful and compassionate that he’ll figure out a way to still get stuff done,” despite Democrats winning the House, although the “big steps are going to get blocked”.

Mike says, philosophically, “every two years, the elections go back the other way,” but there is still a strong road for 2020, when “everything will come together”.

President Trump and 2020

Mike had dinner with President Trump a few weeks ago and said that Trump talked about his passion to help the farmers and the inner cities. Mike related that Trump has confidence and that Mike feels that the elections will just make him that much more confident because it’s a bigger challenge.

And, Mike feels that Trump will win the 2020 election because Trump is such a good listener: Trump will take information in and come out with pragmatic, common sense answers. And “people see that and that’s why the confidence level in this country is up so much.”

And that confidence spills over to Mike and the MyPillow company, with Mike saying that “because of Trump, the MyPillow business is up,” a business that is “making everything in America and hiring thousands of people in Minnesota, giving pride to all, knowing they are making Minnesota-made products.” And, relates Mike, all of this is “better under the president.”

The big question

Is Mike going to run for public office? Mike says that he has no plans to, but if “God told me to run in a prayer, I would do it tomorrow.” Right now, Mike is working on helping the opioid epidemic with his Lindell Recovery Platform.

Trump is our hope

Bottom line, Mike’s confidence in Trump continues to remain incredibly high, saying that, “Trump is our hope right now –  everybody loves our president, some just don’t know it yet.”