Mike Lindell’s Amazing Story: From crack cocaine to redemption with Carrie Abbott

Mike Lindell's Amazing Story: From crack cocaine to redemption with Carrie Abbott

Mike Lindell tells his story to Carrie Abbott about getting a dream “Straight From God” in 2004 to create his magical pillow. And now, 41 million MyPillows have been sold because of this dream. Plus, the MyPillow is now a platform to help others, a platform that God has given Mike. Many of us have had dreams like Mike had, but don’t actually believe what’s in that dream. But, Mike took action and he wants you to know what happened behind the scenes so you can have the courage to take action on your dreams too.

Mike’s early life

Mike’s parents got a divorce when Mike was young. So, he was shy and was really afraid of rejection. To counter this, he did all kinds of crazy stunts in his life to either get attention or have near-death experiences so he could live “on the edge”. But, eventually he decided he wanted to have a better life, so he got married, had children, and had several businesses. During this time, Mike lived through 20 years of his life as a functioning addict with his family and businesses.

Mike’s MyPillow dream

In 2004, he invented the MyPillow based on a dream he had from God. And, through inventiveness and tenacity, he managed to create a business selling the MyPillows on the road to various fairs and home shows.

Crack cocaine

Meanwhile, in the early 2000’s, he switched to crack cocaine and found that it was incredibly difficult to function on crack cocaine. He also became a compulsive gambler. So, due to his addictions, he lost his house, his marriage, and almost lost the MyPillow business.

Mike wanted to get off drugs, and found inspiration for getting off his drugs by reading about the end times in the Bible. This inspiration led Mike to actually convince his fellow drug addicts to quit their addictions and find God. But it would take many years until Mike took his own advice and, through the power of prayer, give up all his addictions.

Another dream from God

After he quit his addictions, he had another dream: to do an infomercial. And, with that famous infomercial, Mike was able to go from five employees to 500 in 40 days. Plus, the MyPillow infomercial was the number one infomercial by December 2011. MyPillow now continues to grow and has 1,600 employees who have sold 41 million pillows.

Mike truly believes that the Holy Spirit has helped him all along. And now, Mike is using MyPillow as a platform for his foundation and for an app that’s going to help addicts find freedom from their addictions “once and for all.”

God gives us all a platform

So, through Mike’s inspirational story, we can understand that God is at work and he is giving all of us a platform as well. Mike’s story can inspire us. So, if God has been nudging you through his word, through other people, or through a dream, start to listen, because we were born to make a difference.

As Mike says: “You know when you look at things you have to ask, what are the odds of this happening? When does it become a miracle in your own life? And God’s got a calling for everyone.”

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