Mike Lindell’s FoxNews article: Here’s why Made in America really will help make America great again

Mike Lindell's FoxNews article: Here's why Made in America really will help make America great again

On July 19, Mike Lindell sat down at the White House’s “Made in America” Roundtable with 19 other fellow industry leaders who are committed to making their products in America.

This caused Mike to pen an article in FoxNews outlining why he has such passion for making products in America.

Since 2005, Mike has ensured that all of the MyPillow products are 100% American-made, and he has succeeded in selling over 30 million pillows based on this philosophy.

And, based on living this “Made-in-America” philosophy, Mike has seen amazing benefits: not only do 1500 employees have MyPillow careers, but 1000’s of other people have jobs due to the sales and distribution networks that work with MyPillow.

For, making products in the US has an exponential effect. Mike gives an example of a snowmobile company that starts building their products overseas: not only do all the company’s jobs go overseas, but all the jobs that create the supplies like bolts, fasteners seats, etc. also go overseas. If that snowmobile company stayed in the US, though, all those mostly blue-collar jobs stay right here in America.

Plus, Mike says that he has seen tremendous benefits from making products here in America, such as:

  • Mike is able to personally ensure that the MyPillow quality meets his promise to the customer.
  • Mike can build personal relationships with his employees so employees feel like family, helping each other out when needed, and knowing each other personally.
  • Because his employees work right with Mike, they know they can come to him when they need help.
  • His call center is right outside Mike’s door – not multiple time zones outside the US. And English is not the second language for his call center employees
  • Because everyone is working together, in America, they all have a passion for the products – and for the business.

Obviously, Mike’s passion for making products in America shines through in his article. During both the Made in America Roundtable and a meeting Mike had with President Trump last year, Mike has seen that President Trump shares his passion, that President Trump really feels that “Made in America is not a slogan, but a mission.”

In summary, Mike says:

“Indeed, Made in America is going to help make America Great Again, and the industrial and business communities have an ongoing opportunity to play a critical role.“


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