Mike on Breitbart: Trump will win in Minnesota

President Trump had “the lowest black unemployment, the lowest Hispanic unemployment, and the lowest female unemployment before the pandemic,” Mikes states in this Breitbart News Tonight interview. So Mike, as Trump’s campaign co-chair, feels there is a pathway for Trump to win in Minnesota.

In fact, Mike “just did a commercial a few weeks ago where I interviewed Democrats and found that even the Democrats are flipping.” “Some of them didn’t even say they liked him, but they sure like what he’s done.”

Mike went on to talk about the Minneapolis protests, saying that “a lot of my friends got their businesses ruined, so you’re going to see one of the biggest black votes for a president.” In fact, Mike projects that “20-25% of the blacks” will vote for Trump and the same with Hispanics. Mike has an inside view since he has “1,500 employees, most of them Asian, Hispanic, and black.” They are voting for Trump “because they know how their jobs have survived with Trump’s great leadership.”

Other people are coming out to vote, Mike goes on, “because Trump saved our iron range and steel industry” plus “our farmers just got the best purchase order ever from China a few weeks ago.”

Mike says that “in 2016, we were within an eyelash of voting Donald Trump in,” so Mike doesn’t want anyone to get discouraged because the polls “are not fair.” If the polls say we are “down by eight, we’re winning by two.” Plus, Mike states, some polls do “have Trump winning Minnesota and winning Nevada.”

“There is a full-scale operation on the ground for Trump” Mike says, “including poll watchers to keep this an honest election.” And, “Minnesota has broken all kinds of records for the ground game.” In fact, “you can go anyplace and not see a Biden sign – even downtown.” Of course, Mike quips, “they would probably put a mask on it and burn it.”

Mike will be “doing a rally for the Indian Nations in Minnesota this coming Saturday. And, Mike “just did a rally for the Asians and one for the Hispanics.” So, Mike is “having a lot of fun just doing these rallies and doing everything I can to encourage people to get out and vote.”

Mike wants all to “just Google my name to find out how you can get involved with the Trump campaign.” For, he emphasizes, “this election is historic now.”

Listen to the whole interview here: https://soundcloud.com/breitbart/mike-lindell-october-13-2020

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