Mike on Newsmax: making businesses safe and making/getting needed supplies to our healthcare responders

Great interview with Mike on NewsMax. Listen as he talks about:

  • How businesses should implement safe practices so customers can feel protected (and therefore, go the stores and buy products)
  • How to open other businesses
  • How protesters should change tactics from pushing to open all businesses to wearing masks and stressing how businesses can be opened safely
  • How MyPillow is making 50,000 face masks – and getting other businesses to make them also
  • How MyPillow is connecting those who have medical supplies with hospitals and first responders who desperately need those supplies

Overall, Mike says that he is doing all of this “because he wants to help out” and make our country better. And, he wants to guide other businesses that don’t how to help, so they can help too.

So, it’s a win-win for all!