Mike on OAN: “We are in the greatest revival in history”

“We’re in the greatest revival in history,” Mike states in this OAN interview. So, it is appropriate that a “national and global day of prayer and repentance” is set to take place in the nation’s Capitol next month, something which “hasn’t been done since Abraham Lincoln.”

“Our nation has turned its back on God,” Mike adds. But we are at a “pivotal point” because people “look for hope when things are bad.” This is also taking place at the perfect time, because “all need to repent and ask for forgiveness.”

For those who want to participate in this event but can’t make it to the Capital, they can go to https://thereturn.org/ where they will be able to watch the event and listen to “so many amazing Evangelists speakers,” including Mike, who will be announcing his Lindell Recovery Network, a platform that will help addicts.

“This is global,” Mike says, “and everyone needs to get involved because we need revival, we need repentance, we need hope, and Jesus is our hope.”

Mike is hoping that President Trump “makes this a national day of repentance” because repentance, reconciliation, restoration, revival, and reformation are all things we need right now.”