Mike with Scott Hennen on WZFG: a rumor, hope for addicts, and Mike’s new book

Scott Hennen from AM 1100, WZFG, The Flag, starts this interview by saying that Mike Lindell is “one of my favorite human beings” and has “a great personal story.” And, that story now includes a political rumor, the Lindell Recovery Network, and the pre-sales of Mike’s new book.

Is Mike running for office?

There was a rumor about Mike running against US Representative Ilhan Omar from Minnesota!

This rumor started with Mike stating in an interview that he was against Rep. Omar since “she’s against Israel.” During next interview that Mike had, he was asked if he would ever consider running for any office, and Mike responded, “If God told me to run for office through prayer, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

This caused another media outlet to combine the two interviews and all of a sudden, Mike’s “phone started just going crazy from media outlets calling” and asking about “running against Omar.” So Mike had to go on Fox and Friends to clear up the story and tell all that he is not running against Rep. Omar.

As it turns out, this rumor was actually good timing. For, Mike was able to move up the pre-sales of his book, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict…to CEO, and take advantage of the national attention that was generated. So, he could put down the rumor while talking about his book and how his Lindell Recovery Network is going to help addicts, so it “worked out pretty good.”

Hope for addicts: The Lindell Recovery Network

The Lindell Recovery Network will help addicts recover from drugs, just as Mike was able to overcome his addictions. When people go to the Lindell Recovery Network’s website, they will find Mike as a “tour guide” where he will be focusing on the addict, not the families of the addict.

To start, the addict will put in their age and what they are addicted to. The addict will then be presented with “stories of commonality” that match their age and drug choice. These stories will be selected from thousands of stories that Mike has gathered over the last few years.

These stories are not going to be about other addicts’ “bottoms, such as jumping off a bridge.” For, Mike says that the addict just won’t relate: they will simply think, “I’m not ready, or I’m not that bad, or I’m way worse.”

The stories will be about what addicts didn’t like about the drug. So, for example, when Mike was using crack, he didn’t like that: “I had to always find baking soda. I was always peeking out windows. I was always going to grocery stores and buying a whole set of silverware when all I needed was a spoon.”

The purpose of these stories is to get the addict to relate to the people in these stories. Once they relate to these people they can realize that these people have been set free, and so they are more open to freeing themselves.

Then Mike, as the tour guide, will present a selection of treatment centers to the addict. These centers will be selected from over 3,500 Christian treatment centers that Mike has vetted, such as the Salvation Army, Teen Challenge, and Union Gospel.

These treatment centers get to the root of the problem. Mike “does not believe that addiction is a disease.” He believes that addiction “comes from childhood wounds and trauma and situations like fatherlessness.” All of these manifest into “trying to fit in” and trying to “mask the pain”. The centers will help the addict discover what caused their addictions.

When the addicts get out of treatment, there are going to be mentors for them. These mentors are paid professionals that are recovered addicts who went through Christian treatment centers and are Christians.

There is also a “Relapse Trigger” app. This app provides support in areas where the addict’s mentor can’t. So, for example, an addict might be going through a death in the family or issues with their kids or spouse. If their mentor can’t relate, they can turn to this app, input the issue, and find someone who has made it through their specific issue. They will then find direct help from a mentor who can “talk them off the ledge,” so the addict can get hope again. As Scott says, “It’s hope in an app.”

Mike’s Book

Mike doesn’t put out anything that he doesn’t have a passion for, “from MyPillow to Jesus to the President.” And now, Mike is putting his passion into helping addicts.

You can help Mike help addicts. For, Mike’s new book What are the odds? From crack addict… to CEO is going to help fund the Lindell Recovery Network.

This book tells the story of Mike’s inspiring journey from addict to the success he has now. So, pre-order your book now at MikeLindellsBook.com to not only get inspiration from the book but also to support Mike’s valuable work to help addicts.