Mike reports the good news about 120 employees – and a new movie – with Tom Barnard

Mike is going to be in another movie!

Mike announced that he is going to be in another movie on the KQ Morning Show with Tom Barnard! In fact, he is out in Los Angeles now for this film. As Mike says, “I don’t get paid,” but “that is just fine if they have a message.”

Correcting the news about 120 employees

Mike also corrected the articles that are appearing in the media right now. They are reporting that Mike is going to lay off 150 people and stating that this is due to lack of MyPillow sales.

This is far from true. Yes, 120 employees (not 150) are going to have a layoff while Mike prepares the MyPillow factory as a shipping and fulfillment center for his brand new venture, MyStore.com.

However, these employees have the option of going to work for another company that Mike has lined up, plus Mike paid them an extra week’s salary.

Given this, the employees are being taken care of. Plus, because of the new MyStore.com venture and the increased business that MyPillow is experiencing, MyPillow will increase the number of employees to 20,000 employees by next year.

Meanwhile, MyStore.com will give entrepreneurs a safe platform for bringing their ideas to market while the distribution and fulfillment can be handled by MyStore. Therefore, these entrepreneurs can create even more jobs.

So, it is all good news. As Mike says, these are “awesome employees” and “I just want to help people.”