Mike reveals two big events in this interview with Tom Barnard from KQRS

Mike reveals “two of the biggest events he has going on” in an interview with Tom Barnard on the KQ Morning Show.

Mike speaking to 250,000 people

Mike is speaking at the Texas Motor Speedway, telling his story to 250,000 millennials at the Pulse Together 2018 event this Saturday night at 7 PM.

He had spoken last Spring in Minneapolis at the US Bank Stadium to 50,000 people at the Pulse Twin Cities event and, even today, he has people coming up to him expressing their excitement about how their lives were impacted by Mike’s story of hope.

Mike, the Lindell Recovery Network, and the White House

Next week, Mike will be going to the White House to a meeting about opiates with President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and Kellyanne Conway.

There, he will talk about the Lindell Recovery Network, “where people can see stories of hope” from people they can relate to, as the stories will be matched to their age and their addiction.

Then, they can get help from one of the faith-based centers that Mike has vetted, such as the Salvation Army, Union Gospel, and Teen Challenge.

Plus, Mike is going to be “one of the biggest employers of mentors this country’s ever seen.” These mentors will help the addicts through to recovery.

So, as Tom Barnard says, “You (Mike) are using your fame and your money and your influence to help people who are seriously addicted to drugs.”

And, as Mike says, “Hopefully we will wipe out this epidemic of people dying from these opiates. It’s absolutely horrible.”