Mike shares his story of recovery, building wealth, and helping others

Mike “set out to design a pillow that would help him sleep” and in the process, created a highly successful business that helps all, as this interview with The Marketplace host, Priest Willis, reveals.

“I wasn’t afraid to jump in with both feet and yeah, I had all kinds of different stuff,” Mike says of his numerous businesses. Finally, he created and founded the business whose name, MyPillow, came to him in a dream. And, not only did Mike invent the MyPillow after “trying over 94 different kinds of foams and other stuff to go inside the pillow,” but he also invented the machine that would cut up the foam for the pillow, all against a background of “friends laughing” at him.

The biggest strength Mike has, though, is that he perseveres, and persevere he did: through being rejected by the big box stores, failing at a kiosk, and finally finding traction by going all over the country working long, hard hours selling his pillows at a variety of fairs and shows.

It doesn’t end there though. Mike “had people try to take his company and his manufacturing. Plus he was addicted to cocaine, crack cocaine, and gambling.

But, as you will find out in this interview, Mike dramatically pulled himself out of all the above, with the help of God. And, now, he is living the American dream and has sold 32 million MyPillows, as well as an expanding line of other products.

What keeps Mike going? As he says, “I have 1600 employees now that make me happy. I can watch them every day and see all those careers I’ve created. They’re right outside of my office.” Mike goes on, “As I speak, it’s so rewarding to watch my product that came all the way from a little dream to helping so many people.” And, Mike loves “having the money to now be able to give back because I just like helping people.”

Mike also enjoys being an entrepreneur because you “know that you did something yourself, there’s nothing like it. It’s a different feeling than working for somebody, it’s so rewarding to be your own boss, and also to make a difference in the world.”

Keep listening to the interview until the end, as Mike has some golden nuggets of advice that will help every entrepreneur out there.

As Priest Willis says, Mike’s story is “beautiful.” Here’s “someone that’s fought with many addictions that would have killed many.” Mike also faced his “own personal struggles as an entrepreneur both financially and against adversaries.” And here Mike “comes out the other side of this selling 32 million-plus pillows and having 1600 employees.”

This is truly an inspirational interview. After listening, find more inspiration by buying Mike’s book, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO. It will change your life as well as helping others change their lives since all proceeds go towards launching Mike’s addiction platform, the Lindell Recovery Network, which will help addicts overcome their addictions and find their path to success.