Mike talks about his award, VP Pence and more with KQRS’s Tom Bernard

KQRS’s Tom Bernard starts his interview with Mike by chastising Mike for not telling him about getting the Presidential Award at the National Religious Broadcasters convention. They then go on to talk about Mike’s recent meeting with VP Pence, Mike’s panel participation with Rep Erik Paulson and others at the America First Policies meeting, Mike’s efforts to help addicts, and about Mike’s amazing story.


  • Mike said that the NRB convention with all of the religious broadcasters was “pretty awesome,” and that receiving the Presidential Award at the NRB convention was a “true surprise”.
  • As Tom Barnard says, it is “amazing” that Mike met with Vice President Pence. The VP said he was “proud” of MyPillow’s story of a company that makes American-made products with 1,600 employees, plus what Mike is doing for addicts.
  • Mike is going to be speaking at a panel at the America First Policies meeting to talk about how the tax cuts have helped American businesses in Minnesota. Representative Erik Paulson will also be on the panel, and VP Pence will be also be attending the meeting.
  • Tom noted that Mike has gone through an amazing life story of going from extreme money issues, drug addictions, and adversity to fame and fortune, as detailed in Mike’s documentary. As Tom says, “It’s pretty much the American dream story, and I hope people learn by listening to this that you should never give up. No matter what it is, don’t ever give up. Keep trying, because you can do it.”