Mike talks about his inspiring book, a Lindell Recovery Network announcement, and his 100% support of Trump on Breitbart News Daily

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Trump, 2024, the World After Trump: coming soon

“I was tired of Christians being shamed, harassed, and intimidated for supporting our great President,” says Mike to Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Daily. That is why Mike is supporting the new movie, Trump, 2024, the World After Trump, featuring Paula White, Dennis Prager, Richard Gabriel, Mike Cox, Tony Perkins, Franklin Graham, and, of course, Mike.

As Mike says, “right before the pandemic, look at the great situation we were in: the highest consumer confidence; the lowest unemployment, jobs for everybody; and wages were going up” which is what “this documentary shows in detail: what things could look like if Trump wins the election.” In other words, it proves that this election is “the most important election of our lifetime.”

You too can support this film at Trump 2024 the World After Trump.

What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO: “an amazing story”

Mike has a new memoir out, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO which Alex Marlow calls “amazing.” Mike says that “when you read this book, it will be like reading a fiction novel,” but then “you will go, wait a minute. This is real?” Mike goes on to say that the book is about “my crack cocaine addiction, 14 near-death experiences, the miracles that happened that got me out of situations, and about how God was chasing me.” Plus, “threaded throughout the book is the entrepreneur who never gives up: it’s a story of hope.”

Lindell Recovery Network: the biggest addiction platform ever

Mike announced that he will be launching the Lindell Recovery Network, the “biggest addiction platform ever” on September 26, 2020. It is “going to help millions of addicts” since the “platform is going to directly address the causes of addiction.”

Mike believes “addiction is not a disease” and personally understands how childhood wounds can cause addictions.” For, Mike’s addictions originated from his parents’ divorce, which led him to feel “not good enough” and to “fear rejection,” feelings that drugs help mask.

The Lindell Recovery Network will be Christian-based. Mike has seen secular treatment centers that “charge you or your insurance companies $30 grand.” Plus, “they shame you while you’re in there, saying, ‘Oh, you hurt your parents,’ ‘you hurt your kids,’ ‘you spent all your money.’” So, you “feel worse than before going in” and you “don’t have drugs or alcohol to mask the pain.” So, rather than shame, you need to treat the “trauma that happened in childhood” that gave you the “devil’s lie that ‘I’m not good enough.’”

And, according to Mike, faith-based centers perform better: secular treatment centers have a success rate of “less than 10%, whereas faith-based centers, like Teen Challenge, Union Gospel, and Salvation Army have an 80%+ success rate.”

Mike on his support for Trump: he stands firm and won’t back down one iota

Mike met Donald Trump at a private meeting in the Trump Tower in 2016. They “talked about the inner cities and all these amazing things that he was going to do.” Then Mike went all-in for Trump, saying: “Wow, he’s going to be the greatest president ever. He’s the best leader. He’s an awesome boss. He’s a great person.”

Since then, Mike has “stood up, stood firm, and hasn’t backed down one iota.” This despite “being called a racist” and being “attacked by the Better Business Bureau” who took MyPillow “from an A+ to an F.” Mike states that “I must be doing something right because I did nothing wrong and I’m getting attacked.”

Things are indeed going right. Mike declares that “the best business day of MyPillow is always the day we’re in,” despite his continued support of Trump and conservative broadcasters like Tucker Carlson.

Flipping Minnesota

Mike “promised the President he would flip Minnesota” as Chairman of the Minnesota Trump campaign. And, to get Trump re-elected, “it’s not just telling everyone on the Right to go out and vote.” You need to speak to people on the Left. And now’s the perfect opportunity to do that because you can say, ‘Hey, look what’s going on in these cities that have Democratic leaders or these states that have them, they’ve exposed themselves.'” Plus you can say “look at what Donald Trump did before the pandemic, all the great promises he made and kept, and how that affected your daily life.”

Trump is “the only one that could have done all this because the best thing Donald Trump ever did was smash political correctness. We were going down a terrible path. He destroyed it. And that’s what he had to do to get anything else done.

Is Mike running to be Minnesota’s Governor?

So, the lingering question: is Mike running to be Minnesota’s Governor? Mike replies, “everybody’s been wanting me to run for the Governor of Minnesota, but that’s not until 2022.” Meanwhile, “The president appointed me as the Chairman of the Minnesota Trump campaign and that’s my biggest concentration right now.”

But, Mike “would not rule out” running for Minnesota governor. “If God wants me to run, I’m going to run, and I’ve prayed about it. Everything points to that.”

Mike goes on to say that “Minnesota is ground zero for the spiritual warfare going on in this country. So what a perfect place that I happen to live in and what perfect timing that I happen to live here.”

So, once again, Mike ends up in the “perfect place” – just as he has done throughout his life.

Listen to the below audio to hear the whole interview or read Breitbart’s article.

Breitbart · Breitbart News Daily – Mike Lindell – July 7, 2020

Mike’s inspiring book

Mike has quite an inspiring life. And, you can now read his story of hope in his new book, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO.

Not only will you find hope, but you will also be helping addicts since all profits go towards the Lindell Recovery Network.

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