A cure for COVID: “Why wouldn’t we want to try it?”

Trump gave “One of the best speeches I’ve ever heard for Minnesota and for the country,” says Mike  about Trump’s Mankato, MN rally in this VB in the Middle interview. Mike goes on to say that “Trump’s major emphasis was on law and order and how we need to back our police.” As Mike says, “It is just horrible to see what is happening around the country when it comes to defunding the police.”

Mike’s big news, though, is about his “answer to the pandemic.” Mike was called on Easter Sunday about a drug from the Oleander plant. The caller said that “it has been safety tested by 1000 people in phase 1 and phase 2 and it will cure the virus.”

Mike then gave the information to Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who reviewed all the drug’s published and unpublished tests.

Mike became so confident about this drug that he has been taking it himself so he “can’t get sick and can’t give the virus to anyone.” Mike has also given it to “over 50 of his friends and family who have tested positive and in 5 hours, their symptoms are gone.”

But, the FDA was just “sitting on this drug.” So, Mike joined Ben Carson and a person from the company in a meeting with Trump.

Now Mike has gone “all in,” put money into the company, and is now on the board of the company. He will be using his expertise to help the company scale the distribution of the drug.

Mike criticizes the media for “exclaiming that this drug is from a poisonous plant.” “What they are not saying is that all the tests are done and we are waiting, so why can’t we try it?”

As Mike says, “It’s one of the biggest miracles of my life, why wouldn’t we want to try it?” After all, declares Mike, “God gave me this platform to bring health to everybody.”

And, Mike gives all the credit to Trump: “There is a solution and it’s because of our great president.”

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