Mike talks to Sean Hannity about his new book, the opioid crisis, and politics

Mike’s on The Sean Hannity Show, talking about his new memoir ‘What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO.’ Sean starts out by poking fun at Mike saying “the image on the book looks like a mug shot!” Mike responds that it was “the day his drug dealers did an intervention.”

Mike’s new book

In the book, we find that Mike was a functioning cocaine addict for 20 years. Mike later switched to crack cocaine and in the book, we get to read about his life story and the trials and tribulations he faced while building an empire and discovering the wounds he masked with his addictions. Sean also announces that it is Mike’s 11-year anniversary being sober and for his anniversary he is releasing his book which is an amazing story of hope!

How the book is helping addicts

Sean shares how America is losing 300 people a week to opioid addiction and Mike talks about how his book is going to give hope to millions! The proceeds from the book are going to help launch the Lindell Recovery Network™ which is going to set addicts free once and for all!

“Donald Trump is the most “common sense” President we have ever had”

Mike and Sean then discuss politics and Mike shares how he went “all in” after he met with President Trump in the White House. Mike says that Donald Trump is the most “common sense” President we have ever had. He also shares more details about the Lindell Recovery Network™ and how it is going to help millions of Americans who are addicted.

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