Mike to Breitbart: Trump will show “great hope and faith” at his Tulsa rally

“We all suffered through the worst pandemic, the worst situation ever, and now you have people in lockdowns and there are riots.” The “Democrat-run cities” are “horribly run” and, in Minnesota, “we have the worst unemployment in the US,” Mike states to Breitbart’s Ali-Jae Nicolai at President Trump’s Great American Comeback Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

But, Mike is confident that Trump will “inspire people to remember where we were before the pandemic” and will “show that great hope and faith again and show that we are going to come out of this and it’s going to be safer, more secure, and stronger than ever.”

See more details here: breitbart.com/health/2020/06/20/mypillow-ceo-rioters-not-wearing-masks-during-pandemic-exposed-a-lot-of-things/

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