Mike to KQRS’ Tom Barnard: MyPillow is now making 5-20,000 face masks daily

“Like when the auto companies in Detroit repurposed construction and made tanks and planes in World War II, Mike and MyPillow have stepped up for America,” states Tom Barnard in this KQRS interview with Mike.

Because Mike has turned the MyPillow factory around and is now making 5-20 thousand units of face masks for our health care workers.

It has taken about two weeks to get the right materials and get elastic. Plus, Mike had to convert his huge, expensive cutting machine so it could cut the masks. He then brought his sewers back (who had been laid off earlier due to reduced sales from closing the retail stores and shows). Now, “everybody’s stepping up at MyPillow, and Mike is “really proud of my employees, they’re doing an absolutely amazing job of getting everything switched over in record time.”

Mike also has other companies in Canada, Massachusetts, and North Carolina, and they have all been converted to face masks because Mike wants to “mass produce as many as we can.”

Mike emphasized that these masks are not available to the public, they are only for hospitals and medical services. Mike went directly to the hospitals since the Trump administration said that this was best for fast-tracking. Mike is also reaching out to Minnesota’s Governor Walz since Walz is trying to get as many supplies as possible from Minnesota’s businesses.

MyStore and game-changing products

Mike is going to launch his MyStore.com early. There is a company in the U.S. that has developed a hand sanitizer that actually lasts 24 hours. Plus, they have FDA approval. This hand sanitizer will be a “game-changer” because people won’t have to worry about handling boxes and cardboard due to this increased protection.

There is another hand sanitizer that is approved for use around restaurants that is supposed to last 7 days. Given this, it will be almost like “the seal of approval” for restaurants and will allow people to go to restaurants with less fear. So Mike is going to try and “fast-track as many of the technologies that are being developed to fight coronavirus as he can.”

Mike wants people to realize that when we get through this, “many products and safety procedures will be created that will give people the ability to go on with their lives. What is happening is terrible. But, if something happens later that is worse, we will be prepared for it and we will not be relying on manufacturing from China and other countries.”

It is like the Tylenol scare back in the day, where people were poisoning Tylenol. They came out with safety caps that make their products safe, and then every other company followed suit. So now we have safety caps on every product, from ketchup to vitamins, and it has changed the world forever.

We are all in this together

Mike says that the pandemic is “uniting our country.” For example, Mike, a Trump supporter, is working with Governor Walz, a Democrat, to help get through this pandemic. Plus, there was a bipartisan stimulus package that just passed in congress.

As Tom says, “It’s how we can all get along, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, everybody. Let’s all work together and get this thing taken care of.”