Mike to WND: My story is proof “Jesus is real”

Read WND’s informative article about Mike and discover some very interesting details about his inspiring life, such as:

  • How Mike first met Trump and why, after meeting him, he knew that “God has gifted Trump with the ability to absorb information from many sources and come up with a solution,” and that “He really cares about the people and about the country.”
  • Why Mike continues to enthusiastically support Trump.
  • How Mike has learned to handle critics by using his beliefs about Jesus  — and by using pillows.
  • How Mike learned to stop being ashamed about talking about Jesus from advice from “shock jock” Don Imus.
  • How Mike came to believe that “Jesus is real” — by using math.
  • And, most importantly, why Mike says about his life: “this has to be God because it’s impossible otherwise.”

It is all very interesting, indeed. And if you like this article, you will love Mike’s new memoir, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO, about how God pushed Mike to turn his life of crack and gambling addictions around, create his highly successful MyPillow company, and go on to regularly meet with President Trump.

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