Mike took a dark path before finding God and success in business

Mike’s new memoir, What Are The Odds? From Crack Addict To CEO “paints a less than flattering picture of an out-of-control drug user and gambler, who fed his addictions to the point he lost his home, marriage, and reputation, eventually hitting rock bottom, before God turned his life around, allowing the Minnesota native to use his newfound prosperity to carry about His will.”

So starts the writeup of Holy City Sinner’s Jeff Walker’s interview with Mike. Read the article to become convinced, like Walker, that “Mike Lindell’s story sounds like a win for the Almighty, a modern-day victory for those who believe in God and how He can bring about His will by taking hold of someone’s life and using their transformation to carry out His purpose.”

He continues, “Whether you are Christian or not, it is a strong autobiography, and a great message of how one can overcome addictions and achieve goals they wouldn’t have imagined otherwise.”

Read the full article here: https://www.holycitysinner.com/2020/08/10/mike-lindell-opens-up-about-addictions-christianity-in-autobiography/

Then read Mike’s book and let it help you achieve unimaginable goals.