”Mike’s a movie star”: a Mike Lindell interview with Tom Barnard

“Mike’s a movie star” exclaims Tom Barnard in this interview with Mike. And, it’s true! The movie is Unplanned, a film that Mike is an Executive Producer of, and is actually in the movie – on a bulldozer!

They were going to use a double as a driver for the bulldozer, but Mike said “no way.” And, although it was a bit crazy, it “came out beautifully”.

After this, Mike will do a movie of his life. For, his book, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO, is coming out in January. His inspiring story will make an “unbelievable movie.” And, the movie will be even more unbelievable once you find out that it is true!

For, Mike’s life does inspire others. And, Mike wants to continue to inspire, for as Mike says: “God has put me in this place to give other people hope.”