Mike’s extraordinary book and his next chapter – Chairman of the MN Trump campaign: an interview with Mike Gallagher

“Mike Lindell’s book, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO details a man’s extraordinary journey. The guy who invented the MyPillow became one of the most successful business owners in the country. He also does things that you never hear about. Mike Lindell is such a generous, giving man,” says Mike Gallagher in this enlightening interview with Mike Lindell.

Gallagher goes on: “You know when people see your smiling face on TV with your familiar blue shirt and that cross around your neck, lots of people don’t know that you lost everything and, by the grace of God, you clawed back and now you’re sitting at the top and have created one of the most successful companies in the world.”

The book about Mike’s extraordinary journey

Mike’s book about his extraordinary journey took about seven years to write. “The hard part of writing the book was that I was so particular. I wanted people to feel what I felt and to be where I was at.” Everything in the book is documented since Mike kept evidence about everything that happened so “nobody could go back and discredit anything.”

Mike hasn’t heard one negative comment about his book. The only remark he’s heard is, “Are you going to write another one?” Mike said that he “actually had to finally put an end to his book even though things kept happening.” Mike asks, “What’s going to happen next in my life? Where is God going to put me?” So, yes, “there’ll be another book, but let’s see where everything goes.”

The transformation of Mike

This book talks about Mike’s journey, the ability to receive God’s grace, and the joy of redemption. Says Gallagher, “The cover is one of the most brilliant covers I’ve ever seen.” The cover is a hologram that shows the transformation of Mike. You see a picture that was taken when Mike hit rock bottom. And then, when you turn the book a little bit, you see Mike’s familiar smiling face as a successful CEO.

The “before” picture of Mike was taken when Mike was in the throes of crack addiction. Three dealers actually had an intervention and totally cut off Mike’s access to crack. They feared for Mike’s life, as Mike had been up for 14 days.

One of the drug dealers took the picture, saying, “You’ve been promising us for years that this MyPillow thing is just a platform for God and that you’re going to come back and help us all someday get out of this addiction world we are living in.”

Mike has never forgotten those words. And now, two of Mike’s former drug dealers work for Mike, and they are born again Christians.

All proceeds from Mike’s book goes to help addicts

Mike is also going to help “millions of addicts in this country” with his Lindell Recovery Network, which is coming out in a couple of months. Not only will the network help addicts, but it will also “help employ addicts whose hearts have been set free and have gotten out of addiction” because “there’s no harder worker than addicts because addiction is hard work.”

All proceeds from Mike’s book are going to his network. Towards this, Mike self-published his book and even bought his own paper because he didn’t want any middlemen: “I want all the money to go to the kingdom and to go to help people.”

Mike is now the Chairman of the Minnesota Trump Campaign

Gallagher told Mike: “I love the fact that you’re not a big political insider. You love the President. You dreamed about him. In fact, he did a big shout out for you once saying, “I have a couple of pillows and they’re very good. I’ve slept so much better ever since.”

And now, Mike is Chairman of the Minnesota Trump Campaign. Mike has met with Trump three times since Trump made him the chairman, and both are very excited. Mike was at the White House for Black History Month when Trump pointed Mike out on national TV saying, “If we lose Minnesota, we are going to blame Mike.”

Mike has no worries about delivering though. He’s “going all-in” because he’s “done my due diligence and there’s no better president.”

Mike’s confidence in Trump goes back to the summer of 2016

Mike’s confidence in Trump goes back to the summer of 2016 when then-candidate Trump called Mike for a private meeting. They talked about made-in-America products, the jobs Trump was going to create, and bringing back the inner cities. Mike told Trump that he was an ex-crack addict and they talked about ridding the country of drugs and addiction.

Mike walked out of the office saying Trump is “going to be the greatest president ever.” He saw that Trump “had no hidden agenda” and “just wanted to help save our country and help bring joy to people.”

When Mike went back to Minnesota, he did a press release that caused people to “call me a racist and everything.” That did not stop Mike. In fact, his reaction was, “Boy, I even more all-in. I figured that I must be doing something right since I’m getting attacked now.’

Trump’s promises kept would probably be 10 feet long

As part of the campaign effort, Mike is doing “about 20 rallies in Minnesota.”

“Now it’s going to be so easy,” Mike says. “We all voted on faith in 2016 and now we have a proof of concept.” There are “All these promises kept. The list is so long that it would probably be 10 feet long if you listed all the promises kept one by one. For example, we have the lowest black unemployment, the lowest women’s unemployment, and the lowest millennial unemployment.” The “list goes on and on. Consumer confidence is at an all-time high.”

As Gallagher summarizes, “Minnesota is now in good hands and the Trump campaign is in good hands in Minnesota with Mike Lindell as the Chairman.”

Read about Mike’s transformation

You can read about Mike’s transformation in his new book, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO.

Not only will you find hope for your own life, but you will also be helping addicts since all proceeds from Mike’s book are going to help the Lindell Recovery Network.