Mike’s “incredible story of faith, entrepreneurism, and freedom”: an interview with Mark Walters on Armed American Radio

Mike's “incredible story of faith, entrepreneurism, and freedom”: an interview with Mark Walters on Armed American Radio

“An incredible story of faith, entrepreneurism, and freedom” is revealed by Mike Lindell as he co-hosted the Armed American Radio radio broadcast with Mark Walters at the Minnesota State Fair.

Mike’s support for President Trump

Mike says that some people have questioned him about his support for President Trump. But, Mike says that his support is “from the heart”. Mike has been with Ben Carson, so he knows what is going on, that “good things keep getting done and done and done.”

And, as Mike says, “We’ve never had it this good with the jobs and the economy.” In fact, Mike points out that Minnesota has “the lowest black unemployment rate in history.”

Mike was already paying MyPillow employees well and “creating careers rather than jobs.” Now, he is finding other Minnesota companies following suit.

Mike’s Life

Mike then went on to talk about his life, from starting out as a child of a divorce and being shy, to going through cocaine and crack cocaine addictions, to creating the MyPillow business, and then meeting with President Trump. Plus, along the way, he found Jesus.

Crack cocaine addiction

Mike got into cocaine because “it was easier because then I could talk to people.” He says that a lot of people mask addictions due to things that happened when they were kids, such as divorce.

Then, he got into crack cocaine, which caused him to lose his house, his marriage, and almost lose the MyPilow business.

MyPillow dream

Along the way, Mike had a dream about a pillow called MyPillow, which caused him to spend 1 1/2 years inventing the MyPillow. Then, after being rejected by the big box stores, he started selling MyPillows at a kiosk.

It was at this time that he got a “one in a million” break through one of his customers at the kiosk. For that customer asked him to sell at the Minneapolis Home and Garden show. Mike took up the offer, and the show was a tremendous success. This lead to selling MyPillows on the road at a variety of fairs and home shows across the country.

Mike prays to God

Meanwhile, Mike’s crack cocaine addiction was getting so bad, his drug dealers actually had an intervention. Along with that, Mike was down to just a few shows, and there were people at his door, ready to take away his company.

Finally, on January 16, 2009, Mike prayed to God and asked him to take away his “desire for drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.” And the next morning, Mike was free, with no desires for the drugs. He has been clean and sober ever since.

MyPillow infomercial

A few years later, Mike created his famous MyPillow infomercial, which caused the business to “explode”. MyPillow went from 5 employees to 540 in 40 days. MyPillow continues to grow, it now has 1,600 employees.

More miracles and Donald Trump

And that is when, as Mike says, “real miracles started happening for me.” He met Ben Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast and got picked to be one of 12 people to pray.

And, at Trump’s request, Mike talked with Trump at Trump Tower. After his meeting, Mike was totally sold on Trump. As Mike says, there is “no one else to be my President but him.”

Mike surrenders to Jesus

Then, at an Operation Restore Warriors event held February 18th of 2017, Mike surrendered to Jesus, giving Mike “the same passion for Jesus that I have for MyPillow.”

And Mike, who was so shy as a child, shared his passion by leading 50,000 people in prayer at the US Bank Stadium at a Pulse Twin Cities event in May 2018.

The right path

Mike will say that he was “going down the wrong path.”  But now, Mike is using the MyPillow platform and God to follow the right path. For, he now lives his life using the words of Proverbs 3:5-6:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.