Mike’s inspiring story, media attacks and God’s rewards, and finding hope: an interview on The Rubin Report

Mike’s inspiring story

Listen to Mike on The Rubin Report talk about his inspiring story of going from crack cocaine to creating the wildly successful MyPillow business.

It is a true American dream story of the ups and downs of creating a business while being a crack cocaine addict, then finally finding his calling, ending all his addictions through God, and going on to create the MyPillow success.

Plus, as Mike details, he ends up sitting next to President Trump at a White House round table and becoming friends with Trump, even though he “had never voted before and didn’t know a liberal from a conservative.”

It is a true story of hope. As Dave Rubin says, “You found your purpose in the midst of a chaotic life.”

Media attacks are “God’s way of rewarding me for speaking his name”

Mike converted his whole company to making 50,000 desperately-needed face masks per day for our heroic medical professionals. Then, Mike talked about making these masks at a White House Choronavirus Briefing. He also praised Trump, saying “God gave us grace on November 18th.” He then went on to lament the fact that Christianity has been taken out of the public schools, and encouraged people to read their Bibles and spend time with their families.

After that, Mike says the media “went after him” like “a shot, heard round the world” saying Mike was “mixing church and state,”  and that his speech was “a PR stunt to promote MyPillow.”

So now, Mike has done 80+ interviews with media sources ranging from People Magazine to Fox News. Mike says that this is just “God’s way of rewarding me for speaking his name,” and that “our business went up.” He went on to say that “for every one attack, 50 people would come back saying, “what is wrong” with the media, Mike is “doing great things.”

Trump has a “God-given” talent

Mike went on to talk about “what a great leader Trump is,” saying that “the whole country is coming on board and seeing a pragmatic President.” “We have someone making decisions that are ‘not based on politics.'” Trump has a “God-given” talent. As Mike says, “I don’t call it the Republican party, Trump has changed it to the common sense party.”

We are going to bring our country back to God

As Mike says, “We are going to bring our country back to God.” Because “people look for faith when times are bad.” And “that’s what I’m doing, that’s my calling, to use the MyPillow platform to evangelize.”

Find hope in the midst of this chaotic life

Want more details about Mike’s story? You can get his whole story by ordering his book now and finding hope during these chaotic times.