Mike’s interview with Joe Piscopo: helping others with his Lindell Recovery Network

Joe Piscopo started this interview with Mike Lindell by saying “the legend has walked into the room.” He went on to say that Mike’s “tweets are from a different city every single minute it seems.”

And yes, Mike has been very busy. He has been on the road giving many evangelistic speeches to very large crowds. He is also working on the Lindell Recovery Network, which is coming out soon, and he is going to launch his book soon. Plus, Mike is promoting President Trump anytime he can.

The Lindell Recovery Network: building trust

The Lindell Recovery Network fits right in with the Opioid Bill that President Trump signed. Mike was at the White House when Trump signed this bill and knows what addicts go through because he’s been there. And, since he is a recovered addict, he intends to use his story of hope to help other addicts.

Towards this, Mike is creating the Lindell Recovery Network to help addicts find hope. With the recovery network’s website, addicts will be able to put in their age and their addiction. Then, Mike will be “like the tour guide of the website” and will present stories from recovered addicts about the commonalities they have had with the selected drug. These stories will be from “tens of thousands of stories that Mike has gathered.”

These stories will be about what these addicts didn’t like about the selected drug. For example, for crack users, it could be about paranoia and “peeking out of windows every night” or “going to the grocery store and buying a whole set of silverware when all they needed was a spoon.”

These stories will be different for different drugs. So the addict will be able to relate to what they are seeing and can trust the system. Then Mike will tell them how they can get help from over 3,500 Christian-based treatment centers he has vetted.

The Lindell Recovery Network: paid mentors

When the addicts get out of treatment, they will have paid mentors to help them. These will be certified mentors who have been addicts themselves and have gone through Christian-based treatment centers.

The recovery network will also have a “release trigger app.” If an addict is having a problem, such as issues with his kids, and his mentor hasn’t gone through their issue, the addict can use this app. With the app, the addict puts in his trigger such as, “my kids still don’t like me.” The app will then connect him with someone who can help them, as they have gone through similar issues. And, because issues can happen anytime, someone will be available to help the addict 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can’t really get over drugs without a faith

Mike believes that Christian-based centers such as Team Challenge, Salvation Army, and Union Gospel are the best. For they restore your heart. Other centers, according to Mike, “prey on families” and push the fact that addiction is a disease. When people get out of these centers, they don’t have their drugs, and they “feel shame,” so they relapse and must go back. Then, the addicts run out of insurance so these centers then tell people to “cash in your 401(k)s”.

Mike does not buy into the fact that addiction is a disease. Mike believes that addiction comes “from wounds from your childhood, from trauma, from fatherlessness, and stuff like that.” These wounds manifest into a feeling of unworthiness.

Mike went on to talk about the opioid crisis which is affecting every single person. Everyone knows someone that has died or is close to dying in this epidemic. As Mike says, “We’ve got to get to these kids now because it’s only going to get worse.”

Towards this, Mike says that “You can’t really get over drugs without a faith. That’s number one. And then the second thing is getting your heart restored.” Then you “can address the wounds you had as a kid.” And the Christian-based treatment centers are the best towards these goals.

What are the Odds, from Crack Addict to CEO

Mike is going to have a pre-launch of his book, “What are the Odds, from Crack Addict to CEO” in about 10 days to help finance the Lindell Recovery Network. So you will be able to pre-order his book soon. The book tells Mike’s story of going from a crack addict to the tremendous success he is today. So, it will be a story of hope and inspiration for all. So mark your calendars so you can get the book as soon as possible.

The MyPillow platform continues to help others

So yes, Mike has been very busy using his MyPillow platform to help others. As Joe Piscopo says, Mike is “one of the purest guys I know, pure with a heart of gold like I’ve never seen.”