Mike’s interview with Kevin McCullough: With God All Things are Possible

Mike gives a very introspective interview about his life of drugs, success, President Trump, a movie venture, a platform to help addicts and another platform to help entrepreneurs on the Kevin McCullough Show. Listen to all of Mike’s inspiring details of his life in this interview.

Mike’s addictions

First in Mike’s interview is his transitional story about his addiction to cocaine and crack cocaine caused by Mike’s feeling of rejection due to his parents’ divorce. Mike discovered that God could actually release him from all his addictions, which led to an amazing step closer to his Christian faith. So listen to hear how Mike almost lost everything, how his drug dealers intervention actually helped Mike stop drugs, and, how God helped Mike.

Mike finds success with MyPillow

Mike then goes on to talk about his MyPillow success. You might think it was easy – but it wasn’t. It took Mike years of hard work to invent the MyPillow, then Mike spent years going from show to show, building the MyPillow brand.

It was when Mike had a dream to do an infomercial that the successful MyPillow we know today was created. In fact, Mike went from 5 to 500 employees in 40 days due to that infomercial.

The Lindell Recovery Network™

Because of Mike’s promise to God that, if released from his addictions, he would give back, Mike created the Lindell Recovery Network™, where someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol can find “thousands of stories of hope” for people just like them.

Mike will then present these addicts with Christian organizations that he has vetted that can help them, such as the Salvation Army and Teen Challenge Union Gospel.

And, due to Mike’s work with drug addictions, he was at the White House to witness President Trump sign a historic 800-page bipartisan bill that will be helping opioid addicts. As Mike says, this bill is dedicated  “to get money going to things that work, and to be accountable to results.”

Mike and President Trump

This White House meeting was not the first time Mike has met Trump. Meeting Trump started with a dream that Mike had in 2015, then turned into reality, what Mike calls a “Divine intervention” in 2016 when Trump requested a meeting with Mike in the Trump Tower. Since then, Mike has met many times with Trump and has supported Trump at many rallies throughout the country.

Mike’s movie venture

Mike is involved in a new movie called “Unplanned”. He gave $1 million to the movie, and he has a part in it. The movie is about the real-life story of Abby Johnson, who went from working at Planned Parenthood to being an anti-abortion crusader. In the movie, Mike bulldozes a Planned Parenthood site. He actually drives the bulldozer himself, as he said that he just couldn’t go on national radio and TV and say that a stuntman did the bulldozing for him.

Mike helping other entrepreneurs

And, listen to Mike, as a seasoned ad buyer, talk about the “monster”, Amazon. Today, entrepreneurs put their products on Amazon, only to have the products copied and made in China. Then, these counterfeiters buy ads – above your ads – so when people search for your product, their ads show first.

To help entrepreneurs fight this, Mike is creating a platform called MyStore.com. Vetted entrepreneurs will then have an area where they can tell the story of their product. This will help these entrepreneurs get “the eyes” of others who want to buy the product without forcing these entrepreneurs to use Amazon.

And, Mike’s story continues

So – Mike’s story continues. And towards that Mike says that “I give the glory to God and I’m going to keep going. God gave me a very big platform, and I pray for wisdom and discernment every day.”

Or, in other words, “With God all things are possible”.