Mike talks about his many ways of giving back on the Hollywood in Toto podcast

You know Mike’s inspiring rags-to-riches story. But, do you know he is currently involved in a variety of projects, from movie production to foundations to helping the inner cities, to creating a platform for entrepreneurs: all with the goal of “helping people”. Listen to all the details in this inspiring interview on the Hollywood in Toto podcast

Mike’s story

Mike has an amazing story to tell about himself: he was a former crack addict who, ten years ago, found freedom from drugs and alcohol through God, and now is the inventor and CEO of the MyPillow company that everyone knows about.

Now, Mike feels that MyPillow is just a platform for God. So Mike’s big calling is evangelism and spreading the word of Jesus.

And, towards that, Mike enjoys speaking out about Jesus and his life. In fact, he talked to 50,000 millennials at the US Bank Stadium, plus talked to 20-30 thousand more millennials at the Texas Speedway.

Plus, Mike is due to tell his story of hope at Liberty University and other college campuses.

Mike in the movie business

Mike knew that when his book came out that he was going to want to make it into a movie so he could present his “amazing message” to others to inspire them to take action to change their life, such as quitting addictions themselves.

So he asked his friend Stephen Baldwin if he could watch him make movies. Stephen replied, “let’s  make a movie together – you could learn a lot more that way.” So, they made the movie called “Church People” which is coming out this year.

Mike was very nervous about his role in the movie – almost as nervous as he was in his first infomercial. Mike has fought feelings of unworthiness throughout most of his life, so it took 9 takes just to do the first line in the infomercial! It wasn’t until they put a familiar table in front of Mike and took away the teleprompter that Mike finally could finish the infomercial.

But, through making the movie, Mike has learned a lot about moviemaking, including becoming comfortable with acting. In fact, Mike alluded to the fact that he might even think about playing himself in his movie, which would be good: who else could be Mike Lindell BUT Mike Lindell?

And now, Mike is also thinking about doing his own show that would be “an hour of hope” where he could present “all the good things that are going on in our country that are working, so everybody could duplicate them”.

Unplanned, the movie

Unplanned takes a critical look at Planned Parenthood. Coming out March 29, it is based on the story of Abby Johnson, who worked as a director for Planned Parenthood, then turned around to be a strong voice for the anti-abortion movement.

Mike was approached last summer about helping to finance this movie and have a cameo in the movie. Mike liked the movie’s message, so, after prayer and due diligence to ensure it would be a quality movie, Mike said “yes” and invested $1 million in the movie.

Mike believes that the movie will have a big impact because it’s a true story. As Mike says, “I think it will really resonate with people and expose Planned Parenthood and abortion for what they are.”

The Lindell Recovery Network™ and the Lindell Foundation

Mike works hand-in-hand with the inner cities with his Lindell Foundation, and will soon launch his Lindell Recovery Network™ to help drug addicts.

With the foundation, 100% of your money goes directly to those who have needs. The Lindell Recovery Network™, then, will be a “revolutionary platform that will set people free from addiction once and for all.”

Mike and President Trump

Mike met Trump in a private meeting during Trump’s candidacy on August 15, 2016, which Mike calls a “Divine appointment.” In the meeting, they talked about jobs and products “made in America”. Mike walked out of that meeting saying that Trump is “going to be the best president in history.” Then Mike talked to Trump’s employees and was even more impressed. So as Mike says, “I went all in”.

And now, Mike sees that Trump is a “common sense” president who is “doing what’s right for this country and the people in it.”

Mike had never been in politics before, so he had to learn the difference between liberal and conservative politics quickly. And to his political leaning, he adds his Christian values.

For example, in the last election, there were a couple Republicans that wanted Mike to endorse them. But, they were pro-choice, so Mike said: “absolutely not”.

And when he does back conservatives, such as putting his ads on conservative radio and TV, Mike doesn’t back down. He’s proud to present his products –  in spite of all the attacks and threats to boycott.

But on the flip side, there are those that say, “don’t boycott MyPillow: he’ll just double down, and we see him enough already.” So, there is that.


Just when you think that Mike can’t do anything else – he’s come out with MyStore.com.

Inventors are always coming to Mike with their inventions and their stories. Through experience, Mike knows that it’s tough to get into the big box stores, and when you put your products on Amazon or do shows, your products can be copied and shipped in from overseas.

To address this, Mike is creating MyStore.com, where vetted entrepreneurs can promote their products on a  “safe platform”.

Any money Mike receives from this platform will go to his foundations. For, as Mike says, it’s “one big circle”.

Mike’s next steps

Who knows what next steps will spring from the pillow platform that God has given him? We do know that it will involve using the platform for good.

For as Mike says, “I just love what I’m doing. I keep going because I love helping people and I love giving back.”