MyPillow guy was addict for decades, turned life around with God’s help

Mike Lindell with pillow

Great article in God Reports about why Mike got into his addictions and how, through God, he got out of his addictions.

The article goes on to talk about how Mike met President Trump (through a “Divine appointment), and why he is such an avid supporter of the President. Plus, how those who knew him before are now saying, “Jesus must be real!” based on Mike’s transformation.

And, Mike’s transformation is bringing addicts the Lindell Recovery Network to “bring hope, recovery, and mentorship” to those struggling with drug addictions. Addicts will be able to use this network to get help through hearing stories of others who have successfully recovered, then to get a list of vetted Christian recovery organizations, then to have a paid mentor that will help them after they have been to recovery.

For, as Mike says:

“I want to help people out of addiction because I’ve been there. They need to be helped inside. The addicts trust me because I’ve been there. It is a circle of help and hope.”

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