MyPillow as a platform for God and turning Minnesota red: Mike on The Next News Network

Gary Franchi of The Next News Network opens this interview saying, “I’ve been watching your commercials forever. I met a MyPillow representative at a box store and asked, ‘what’s the fuss all about?’ She laid it out for me and I bought a pillow for my wife and myself. And I swear, of all the pillows I’ve ever slept with, MyPillow is the best one.”

The work needed to get MyPillow to the point of this success did not come easily. As told in Mike’s new book, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO, Mike lived through a drug-filled life then finally overcame his addictions through God. Plus it took heads-down determination to move MyPillow from an idea to the successful MyPillow company that now has sold more than 46 million MyPillows. And now, Mike is moving on to another phase of his life: being a major supporter of President Trump.

“You’ve been telling us for years that MyPillow is just a platform for God”

Mike’s new book has a hologram that shows a photo of Mike in the ravages of crack, then switches to showing Mike as the highly successful CEO he is today.

The “before” picture of Mike was taken after Mike had been up 14 days with no sleep. Mike’s drug dealers told him that “you’re going to bed.” Mike asked, “What is this, an intervention?” and they responded, “Call it whatever you want.” Mike then went down to the streets of Minneapolis at two o’clock in the morning and couldn’t buy crack anywhere.

When Mike came back, one of the dealers told Mike to “give me your phone. You’ve been telling us for years that MyPillow is just a platform for God and that you’re going to come back and help us all out of this addiction that we’re living in.” The dealer then took the picture that is on Mike’s book cover. Now, two of the dealers work for Mike and they are born-again Christians.

Now Mike believes that addiction “is the biggest opportunity ever for the biggest revival ever,” and that God “gave us grace when Donald Trump was elected on November 8, 2016. Mike also has a new platform coming out, the Lindell Recovery Network, that will help addicts find hope.

Mike went “all-in” for Trump before Trump became President

Mike was a cocaine and a crack cocaine addict. So when he came out of addiction in 2009, he didn’t know anything about politics. In fact, he had never even voted. But when he looked around, he wondered, “What did I miss? All my friends are unemployed and losing their houses. What is going on?”

Then Mike met then-candidate, Donald Trump, in the summer of 2016 in a private meeting. Trump told Mike about all the things that he is going to do. He then complimented Mike for making all his products “right here in the United States,” and went on to tell Mike his plans for the inner cities. Mike then told Trump about his platform for addiction.

Mike walked out of that meeting believing that Trump was “going to be the greatest president ever.”

After the meeting, Mike did a press release in Minnesota about meeting Trump, which caused people to call Mike “a racist and everything else just to attack me.”

Then Mike found out “what a conservative was and what a liberal was” and concluded that the “common sense falls right with conservatives.” So, Mike went “all-in” and hasn’t looked back.

“We prayed about it and you’re going to have a part in our movie”

“Mike, we prayed about it and you’re going to have a part in our movie,” said the movie producers of Unplanned. Their film was about Abby Johnson who worked for Planned Parenthood then became a pro-life activist. Mike replied, “Okay, I’ll do it, but I want to make sure the film is good.”

Mike then asked, “Do you have enough money?” and “ended up putting $1 million into the film.” Mike “realizes how important politics are in his Christianity,” and says it was “perfect timing” and a chance to “use his MyPillow platform for a much bigger purpose.”

Mike: turning Minnesota red

Trump just put Mike in charge of the Minnesota Trump campaign. Mike believes that “Minnesota is ground zero” and “we’re going to completely turn Minnesota red.”

When asked if any Democratic candidates made Mike nervous, he responded that “all of the candidates are to Trump’s benefit.” Mike does think it would be great if the Democratic candidate was “socialist Bernie because even the Democrats are going, ‘This is nuts, what do we have here?'” Mike believes most people “don’t even know what socialism really is, they just think it’s just socializing.”

CPAC: getting the word out to the country

The most exciting part of CPAC for Mike is listening to “all the common sense things that people are talking about” and “meeting the people” because “everything’s gotten so much better in the last three years.” Plus, Mike sees CPAC as a great way to “get the word out to the country.”

How does Mike do it all?

Mike has gone from crack cocaine to his MyPillow success and beyond. How does he do it? The answer is in his new book that you can read now, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO.