MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell discusses his faith, his struggle with drug addiction and how he got sober

“How can you go from a crack addict to a multi-millionaire?”

In Mike’s interview on Fox Business’ Making Money with Charles Payne, Charles starts by asking, “How can you go from a crack addict to a multi-millionaire? Just ask Mike Lindell, a self-made man who pulled himself up from the bootstraps and built his empire from scratch.” Towards that, Charles says that “he’s thrilled that Mike put his story in his new book, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO.

Mike’s addiction to crack cocaine

Mike talks about his addictions by saying, “All addictions are not a disease, addictions come from issues in childhood such as trauma or a divorce.” For Mike, his parents divorced when he was seven and he got put into a new school. Because of this, his self-worth went down. So, he wouldn’t talk to strangers, because you don’t get rejected if you don’t talk.

Mike then got into cocaine in the early 1980s, because “then I could talk.’ He was a very “functioning addict” and was able to raise a family.  He also was able to start all sorts of entrepreneurial ventures, and he “never gave up,” had “some successes,” and “learned by his failures.”

In the 2000s, he turned to crack cocaine. He then invented the MyPillow in 2004 and didn’t quit crack until 2009. As Mike says, “there were two parallel tracks”. One track was crack, but the other track was MyPillow. And, with MyPillow he was able to increase his self-worth because people were coming up and telling Mike, “Wow, this changed my life.” This made Mike “feel good” because he had “done something good.”

God then set Mike free of all of his addictions on January 16, 2009. After that, Mike created the famous Mypillow infomercial, which gave Mike tremendous success.

Mike is helping other addicts

Mike wants to help other addicts overcome their addictions as he did. Towards that, he is taking all the proceeds from his book and using the money for his new foundation, the Lindell Recovery Network™, that will help “millions of addicts.’ As Charles says to Mike, “You can’t help it, you love helping everyone, don’t you?”

Mike then introduced his new podcast called Levelheaded that Mike is creating with Fox Business regular, Jack Brewer, where Mike and Jack will be talking about these and other events.

Never give up

To summarize, Charles tells Mike that “so many people look up to you,” to which Mike responds that people should “never give up,” and that he “owes it all to God.”


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