Harvey took their pillows, but a MN company is giving them more

MyPillow gives 20,000 more MyPillows to Hurricane Harvey victims - after giving 60,000 MyPillows last weekend!

Mike Lindell, MyPillow inventor and CEO, announced that MyPillow has donated 60,000 MyPillows to those devasted by Hurricane Harvey last week. And now, because that went so well, he is following up by sending down 20,000 MORE MyPillows, for a total of 80,000 MyPillows.

It is quite the generous donation – the retail value of the donations is close to $4 million.

The first 60,000 pillows were donated from Beaumont to Corpus Christi to both shelters and the first responders. The next 20,000 pillows are also going to go to those who have been displaced and first responders.

The pillow donation was organized by Lindell’s new Lindell Foundation. The foundation was due to launch next month, but Lindell pushed the date up to get donations for Hurricane Harvey. The foundation’s goal is to give 100% of every dollar donated to those in need.


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