MyPillow inventor open to speculation about 2022 bid for Minnesota governor

Will Mike run for the governor of Minnesota in 2020? Possibly, according  to this Star Tribune article:

“In case we do anything political, we’re setting up the stage,” Lindell said, pausing to make sure his statement was on the record. 

More than two years after brushing aside speculation that he was eyeing a run for office, the 58-year-old mustachioed infomercial maven is becoming less coy about his political future amid renewed calls from state Republicans that he help reverse a long string of defeats in statewide races.”

“A dream candidate”

“The prospect of a candidate with a redemption story and name ID to match has some Republicans salivating over Lindell’s chances to return the governor’s office to the GOP in two years.” Billy Grant, a Republican strategist, says, “I think it’s something we’ve never had on the Republican side in Minnesota and I think it’s a huge asset we need to use. We’ve been beaten down from a string of statewide defeats. If a guy like Mike Lindell can bring the passion of thousands of people into the fold, we need to use it.”

Amy Koch, a former Minnesota Republican Senator and now a GOP operative agrees, saying that “if Lindell can self-fund, that and his name recognition would make him a ‘dream candidate.'” She went on to say that “Another part of the calculus would be his outsider status as a candidate — something that helped propel Trump to the White House.”

Amy went on to say, “People are so tired of the talking points and the politicians that are so inauthentic. If Mike Lindell is authentically himself — he’s a business guy who can come in and say things politicians do not normally say — if people believe in him, I think there is absolutely an opportunity for him.”

President Trump’s highest-profile backer in Minnesota

Mike has “become President Donald Trump’s highest-profile backer in Minnesota.” He is in the process of now “readying a series of rallies across the state that will blend his new faith-based Lindell Recovery Network™ while also promoting both the president’s re-election bid and Minnesota Republican congressional candidates.”

Mike is the self-proclaimed honorary chair of the Trump campaign in Minnesota. He was an early supporter of President Trump, meeting Trump in Trump Towers in 2016 (where “Rudy Giuliani, now Trump’s personal lawyer, greeted Lindell with a rendition of his MyPillow jingle”). This meeting was actually foretold by what Mike calls a “very weird, very vivid dream.” Because of this meeting, Mike predicted that Trump would win, way before others felt that Trump had a chance.

After 2016, Mike sat right next to Trump at a Made in America Roundtable and has been to other meetings in the White House. Mike has also attended a variety of Trump rallies. And, “More recently, Lindell was celebrating New Year’s Eve at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, rubbing elbows with the president’s family and key Republican figures such as South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and Attorney General Bill Barr.”

Is Mike running?

As Mike says, “Donald Trump proved you need a businessman to run things, not just someone who is a career politician. I’m sorry, but to me what do they know?”

So, is he running? That depends on God, for Mike says he will run “if I get it in prayer to run.”

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