MyPillow to donate 1.5 million masks and winning Minnesota: an interview with Mike Gallagher

MyPIllow will be “donating 1.5 million masks, including N95, disposable, and MyPillow masks, to the state of Minnesota to help first responders, frontline hospital workers, and healthcare professionals,” Mike announced in this interview with Mike Gallagher.

The donation is because, “I just love helping people right here in our home state. It’s just so rewarding to be able to use proceeds and everything from MyPillow to help others.” As Mike Gallagher says, “That’s incredible, Mike. Amazing.”

Mike is also very involved with turning Minnesota red. “We’re going to win, states Mike. “We have called or knocked on the doors of 5 million people, which is just staggering.”

Mike is in ads where he talks to “Democrats that are flipping.” When asked why, they said that if they voted for Democrats now, they would be voting for “radical, crazy leadership like the governors of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.”

Mike went on to talk about the “2000 businesses” that were burned down in Minneapolis due to the “terrible riots” and “horrible decisions” made by the governor and mayor. In fact, Mike knows many of these business owners due to his days of roaming the downtown streets as a crack addict.

Mike will be joining President Trump at his rally in Rochester, MN. Both Trump and Pence have had many rallies throughout Minnesota. Mike is confident that Trump will win. He warned that “the polls are off by 4-5%.” In fact, one poll that was published 3-4 weeks ago had Trump down by 9 points. Mike found out, though, that the poll “was done with 39 Democrats, 19 Republicans and 56 independents.” And, on a local level, Mike states that “even the fake polls have Jason Lewis even with Tina Smith,” the current Minnesota US Senator, who Mike feels is “one of the worst candidates in the history of politics.”

Mike proclaims that “We’re gonna win Minnesota. We’re going to shock the world.” Because “we have such an amazing president that’s working every day for us.” Politics “affects our daily lives now. And I will tell you this, I have met many politicians. Most of them make decisions based on their own agenda or a political agenda. We have a president making decisions for us.”

Listen to the whole interview here: