MyPillow to shift majority of production to manufacture face masks for hospitals

“American companies from all over the country are showing what the American spirit is all about during this time of dealing with the novel coronavirus pandemic. We’re seeing a lot of them shift at least a portion of their production lines to aiding in supplying the medical field with different items they may need,” are the first lines in this mrcTV article. It goes on to say:

“One such company helping is CEO Mike Lindell’s MyPillow.”

MyPillow is making 10,000 face masks/day (and ramping up to 50,000/day)

Mike is shifting 75% of his production to making much-needed face masks for hospitals. As he says, “We’re going to be going hopefully from 10,000 units a day to 50,000 units a day in a very short period of time.”

Converting to face masks took about three weeks. During that time, they created the prototype and sourced materials, such as elastic (which is in very short supply). At this time, MyPillow is making 100% cotton masks since the “components are not available to make other types of masks.”

Mike was able to get the right design from a coalition within the administration. As Mike says, “We have a great administration, a great President. The things that he’s doing right now are saving lives.”
For more details, listen as Mike talks about his great announcement:

MyPillow is excited to announce that we are now manufacturing face masks for hospitals across the country!

Posted by MyPillow on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

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