Rest easy, Minnesota; Trump is winning for us: A Mike Lindell Article

Mike Lindell

“Take it from a guy who knows all about how to rest easy. We can all rest easy with Trump helping to bring our economy back stronger than ever,” declares Mike Lindell in his article in the Duluth News Tribune. For, Mike has seen “record-low unemployment and a booming economy” in the 500+ days that Trump has been President.

As proof, Mike states that he has seen “firsthand the positive changes President Trump’s policies are bringing to our state.” In fact, due to the “historic tax cuts,” all of Mike’s employees benefited from the pay raise that Mike was able to give them.

Plus, unemployment has seen a major downward trend since Trump took office:

  • In Minnesota, the “unemployment rate has been cut in half.” Furthermore, Minnesota unemployment is doing well compared to other states: “unemployment in Minnesota is now at 3.1 percent, compared to 3.9 percent nationally.”
  • In the Minneapolis/St. Paul/Bloomington, Minnesota area, “unemployment is 2.7 percent”, while in MyPillow’s headquarters’ Carver County, the “unemployment rate has dropped from 3.8 percent to 2.6 percent since President Trump took the oath.”
  • Black unemployment has also dropped: it is now at “7.5 percent, the lowest since the state began keeping records in 2001.”

And, Trump’s economic plan is “working in a massive way for businesses and manufacturers throughout Minnesota.” In fact, Creighton University’s nine-state Mid America Business Conditions Index (which includes Minnesota) went from 55.5 in April to an impressive 62.3. Since any number above 50 indicates economic growth, this signals that “Minnesota’s economy is truly booming.”

Another example of a booming economy is Minnesota’s iron-mining industry, which is overcoming its setback in 2015 due to illegal Chinese steel dumping and is now “more optimistic about our economic situation than we’ve been in recent years.”

Furthermore, a Minnesota business owners’ survey “revealed an ‘almost surreally high level of optimism, with expectations of record revenues, record profitability, a record level of investment in their companies, and increased wages.'”

Based on these strong indicators of growth, Mike believes that “We need to keep our state’s economic momentum going, and the only way we can do that is by helping to elect pro-Trump candidates to the U.S. Senate and U.S. House in the midterm elections this fall.”

Mike has been a staunch supporter of Trump since Mike met Trump in Trump Tower in 2016, where he saw that Trump’s “heart is committed to helping all Americans” and, based on that, Mike “knew he would deliver.”

And, since Trump has become president, Mike has seen that “President Donald Trump has not let me down. In fact, what he’s accomplished so far is beyond what I ever expected.”

Which is why Mike says, “We can all rest easy with Trump helping to bring our economy back stronger than ever.”