Standing up to the godless heathen left and for the Judeo Christian civilization: Mike’s interview with Sebastian Gorka

Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First introduces Mike as “one of our favorite Americans out there…because he is a man of God and he supports making America great again.” And, as proof, Gorka plays Mike’s praise of President Trump in the White House Coronavirus Briefing in the Rose Garden:

Our President gave us so much hope where, just a few short months ago, we had the best economy, the lowest unemployment, and wages going up. It was amazing. With our great President, Vice President, and this administration and all the great people in this country praying daily, we will get through this and get back to a place that’s stronger and safer than ever.

“The godless heathen left came after you and you didn’t stand down”

Mike proclaims that this is his 96th interview after his Rose Garden presentation, causing Gorka to exclaim, “I like it because they came after you because you had the temerity, you had the goal, you had the spine to mention God, the Bible, and prayer in the Rose Garden. And the godless, godless heathen left came after you and you didn’t stand down, did you, Mike Lindell?”

Mike replied that he “actually had a lot of fun with it.” He was even on “the bad channels.” In fact, he did an hour and a half interview with a paper and they “never printed it because somebody upstairs would not let them print a good thing,” to which Gorka jumped in saying, “That is the definition of fake news.”

Mike also recounted how a “few bad apples” would say something on Twitter, but then “there would be a hundred people attacking that guy.”

Mike calls it “a great awakening, a great revival.” It reminded Mike of the time when people would try to boycott him, but others would say, “don’t boycott Mike, he’ll double his ads, and we see enough of that guy already.”

So, Mike “ran his ads right in the middle of CNN nightly news” causing Gorka to exclaim, “You are a troublemaker.”

Standing up for “our Judeo Christian civilization”

Gorka thanked Mike “on live radio, with millions of listeners and viewers across the country, even internationally, because it’s people like you who have a backbone, have a spine to stand up for the founding principles of our Judeo Christian civilization.”

As part of that, Mike “was very upset to hear that our mayor of Minneapolis was involved in the decision to let the Muslim community run their five-day prayer over loudspeakers throughout Minneapolis.”

So, Mike is going to “take my mask and my sanitizer…every Sunday” to his church and churches throughout the country. If fact, Mike is going to film one of the services and show “everybody coming in safely, six feet apart, with hand sanitizers.”

Mike wants to “get around the fact that churches are not considered essential” because “it’s a shame that churches were not deemed essential, and they should have been because praying is as important as eating.”

Is Mike running for office?

Mike announced that “things have been going on right now that have really driven me more and more to consider running for governor of Minnesota in 2022.” Towards that, Mike will be publishing an op-ed called “If I was the governor.” So, watch for it, as it will be coming out soon.

Don’t surrender to the hateful people who just want to secularize this nation

Gorka told Mike that “your backbone is impressive. Your willingness not to give in and just surrender to the hateful people who just want to secularize this nation is very impressive.” He then asked, “What is your message to those who are afraid of what happens when you actually speak your values publicly in our nation?”

Mike’s advice is, “Do not have any fear. I’m living proof. My business has been busier than it has ever been. It gets busier every day.” Mike goes on to say, “Now more and more people are coming out. You don’t have to live in fear, even on social media. Speak out.”

Mike goes on to say, “the attackers are so few and far between. The only thing they have is the media on their side, the fake news.”

So, Mike’s message is “don’t back down. This is the time for the biggest revival ever for Christians, for our President, for everything. Just speak your mind and speak out for what’s right.”

“The revival is being led by great Patriots like Mike Lindell”

Mike says that “We’re going to call this the Commonsense Party.” To which Gorka responds, “It is a revival and it is being led by great Patriots like Mike Lindell.” “The critics, those snowflakes that couldn’t take us yesterday, they are just the small boys. He’s a real man, he’s Mike Lindell.”