“The greatest revival in history,” Mike’s interview with “A View from the Wall”

Mike says that “My calling is to speak out the word of Jesus,” as he proved the other day at the White House Coronavirus Briefing by saying,

God gave us grace on November 8th, 2016, to change the course we were on. God had been taken out of our schools and lives. A nation had turned its back on God. And I encourage you: use this time at home to get back in the Word, read your Bibles, and spend time with your families.

So, what is “The story behind this leader who is speaking at the White House and beyond about the gospel?” That is what A View from the Wall finds out in this interview with Mike.

MyPillow is making 50,000 face masks/day for our health care heroes

Mike starts out by describing how he converted 75% of MyPillow’s production line from making MyPillow products to making desperately-needed face masks for our health care professionals. Within three days of setting everything up, MyPillow was making 10,000 cotton face masks/day and is now making 50,000 masks/day.

Of prime importance to Mike was taking steps to ensure his employees were safe. So now, everyone wears face masks, employees come into work single-file and wash and sanitize their hands immediately, the machines are 8 feet apart, and breaks are taken separately.

Mike’s new memoir

Mike has a new book out now, What Are the Odds? From Crack Cocaine to CEO. It took him 7 years to write the book, as his life includes 14 near-death experiences, being a crack addict and a gambler, and being a professional card counter, all while creating multiple businesses. As Mike says, “you will read it, then say, ‘What a minute, this is all true?’”

All proceeds from the book are going to help the platform Mike is creating, the Lindell Recovery Network, which will help “get all addicts out of addiction.” So, it is a great read and a great cause.

MyPillow is a platform for God

When Mike had been up for 14 days due to his crack addiction, his drug dealers had an intervention. During this intervention, one of the dealers said, “Gimme your phone. I’m going to take your picture and you are going to need this for your book. You’ve been telling us for years that MyPillow is just a platform for God and that you are going to come back and help us get out of our addiction lifestyle. So, we aren’t going to let you die.”

Mike took that as a promise and today, 2 of those dealers work for Mike and are born-again Christians. And that picture the dealer took? It is now on the cover of Mike’s new book.

Plus, Mike totally surrendered to God and uses his platform to preach the Word to stadiums full of people. Mike just wants to have “his story give hope to other people and have them find out that hope is Jesus.” As Mike says, “My calling is to speak the word of Jesus.”

The greatest revival in history

Mke gave some advice to addicts who are having a hard time during this pandemic: ‘If you are at home right now feeling hopeless, reach out to friends that have made it through. They are your “hope matches,” people like you that you can trust. Talk to them and find out how they made it through” and follow what they did. What you will find is that “Jesus is the answer” for getting out of addiction.

On the other hand, “if you’ve gotten through and have had your heart restored, reach out to people that need hope because they are still addicted.” As Mike says, “This could be the greatest AA meeting ever, with Jesus as the higher power.” In fact, this could be the “opportunity for the greatest revival in history.”

All one people under God

Mike does see some good things coming out of this terrible pandemic: “Bibles have been selling out throughout the country. People are getting back to Jesus.” When things are going well, people don’t reach out, but when things go bad, people turn to hope. So, “there is a massive awakening and people are praying.“

We “have turned our back on God.” But now, “it will be completely different, people will surrender” and there will be “a great uniting” with “all one people under God.” As Mike says, we “will become a nation closer to God.”

What can you do now?

If you are sitting home right now and “are saved, reach out and evangelize.” People can also “read their Bibles and get on their knees and do a full surrender to Jesus.”

As Mike says, “God’s will is in the Word.” You will “see things get easier, and fear will be replaced with peace.” There’s “nothing like it.”

God put President Trump in place for such a time as this

Mike believes that we are going to get through this. “God put President Trump and his staff in place for such a time as this.” They are making “great decisions, not based on politics but based on input, like a vacuum cleaner of knowledge.”

There are “so many things that are being set up for getting back to work.” And, it “will be sooner than people think.”

Mike just wants people to have “confidence and faith.” It will be different for a while, but “we are all in this together, no one will be left behind.”

“Jesus has his hands in this.” So, everyone, “keep praying for our leaders and keep praying that things get better.”

Find out more

Find out more about how God changed Mike’s life by getting his book What Are the Odds? From Crack Cocaine to CEO, and finding hope for yourself.