The largest pillow fight ever: Mike Lindell on The Michael Medved Show

The largest pillow fight in human history happened a few weeks ago, with 66,000 people fighting with MyPillows, as Mike Lindell reveals in a discussion on The Michael Medved Show

The largest pillow fight in human history

Usually, when you talk about setting World Records, you think about athletes. But there was a recent world’s record just a couple of weeks ago involving entrepreneurship and inspiration. And MyPillows, of course. That record was set by Mike Lindell.

It was the largest pillow fight in human history with 66,000 people fighting with the MyPillows that they found on their seats. This fight was held at the Pulse event, an “amazing Christian Outreach” and was held at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. The Guinness Book of World Records officials were in attendance and then did validate the fact that this truly was the largest pillow fight ever in the world.

Before the pillow fight, Mike led all in prayer, then told all to take their pillows home and let their pillows be their prayer pillows. Then the action was on!

Mike’s amazing testimony

After the pillow fight, Mike told his inspiring story about how he turned his life around by the grace of God. For, Mike was a crack cocaine addict who was so bad that even his drug dealers had an intervention. But, he finally prayed, telling God “I’m all yours.” And, when he woke up the next day, all of Mike’s desires were gone. It was truly a “Story of Hope” that “really resonated with all the people.”

You can see the amazing event here: And, while you are there, buy the pillow that was used in this pillow fight and get the lowest price ever on a MyPillow, just to introduce you to the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own. The MyPillow softness, combined with support will help you be a winner – during sleep – and at your next pillow fight!