The Minnesota Sun article about Mike: a new memoir, God, faith, and miracles

This is a very insightful article by Anthony Gockowski from The Minnesota Sun about Mike. It starts by quoting the opening pages of Mike’s new memoir: What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO.:

I felt a sudden sadness,” he writes, describing a moment of clarity that lead him down the path of sobriety. “This was where my addictions and bad decisions had led me. It was ridiculous when you thought about it.

All my decades of scheming and groveling to get that white powder, only to lose everything to it in the end. All that time thinking I was so smart, I would beat the odds. But now the game was over. The house had won. I was going to die right here on this deserted street, a small item in the news: ‘American tourist goes missing in Mexico.’”

Mike took that sadness, though, and, through God, turned his life around. And, from that transformation, he has come to many insightful revelations:

    • Mike’s life is a miracle: All through Mike’s life things would happen and he would go, ‘This is impossible,’” Mike’s “darkest moments revealed God’s grace at work in his life.” So, Mike believes his life is a miracle, for “When does it become a miracle in your own life?”
    • Addiction recovery is an opportunity to find God: Mike sees his “remarkable journey through addiction to recovery and prosperity” as “an opportunity to find God, resolve past traumas, and build resilience.”
    • Addicts need help: Mike says that “lack of hope, faith, and meaning – and addiction is an opportunity to deal with these problems.” Towards that, his memoir’s proceeds will be used to launch the Lindell Recovery Network™, which will help all addicts find hope through inspiring stories from others like them who have overcome their addictions.
    • America has a lack of faith: Mike feels that “the biggest revival of Evangelism ever in history” is coming. Towards that, he “decries the lack of faith in America’s public schools” and believes that “we have a whole generation that didn’t have God for a foundation because our country, our schools went away from God.” He wants to bring back faith to our country and our public schools.

Mike alluded that “changes may be coming.” In fact, he “appointed his son as the next chief operating officer of the company” so Mike can focus on the ‘things that I want to do.’” So – Mike is moving on to the next chapter of his life: from crack addict to Evangelism, his network, and who knows what else? What are the odds, indeed?

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Then get all the details in Mike’s new inspiring book, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO.