The preposterous success story of America’s Pillow King

Mike Lindell's fitful journey from crack addict to MyPillow magnate

Mike’s entrepreneurial success story actually starts in a crack house. Although he had already started his MyPillow business, his turning point was getting out of the crack houses by conquering his intense crack and cocaine addictions through faith in 2008.

To note:

  • Mike invented the MyPillow in 2003 through a dream, based on many restless nights.
  • After quitting his addictions, he started newspaper advertising and his famous MyPillow infomercial.
  • He also expanded into Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, QVC and other retailers. MyPillow also has 17 MyPillow retail stores.
  • In 2016, MyPillow continued to expand.  Towards that, Mike opened a new 100,000-square-foot factory that is capable of making 85,000 pillows a day in anticipation of tripling his sales.

From the article:

He had another dream: MyPillow would be a $1 billion company.