“There’s nothing better than Jesus, that’s the hope of the world”: Mike on The 700 Club

Mike lived the life of a hard-core crack addict and gambler. Along with that, he owned multiple businesses, including 3 bars, and created the now-famous MyPillow company. During all of this, Mike says, “it still wasn’t enough for me. Inside that wasn’t enough. That wasn’t what I was longing for. I didn’t have this peace inside of me. It was chaos magnified beyond belief.”

Listen to Mike’s amazing story about from all this chaos to finally doing a “full surrender to God on my knees” and finding “the biggest peace I’ve ever had.”

And now, Mike is dedicated to helping others “find the peace that he has in Jesus.” As Mike puts it, “if you’ve been through everything, and you just feel hopeless, well, I’m telling you, there’s nothing better than Jesus. That is the hope, that’s the hope of the world.”

The rest of the story

After listening to this superb summary of Mike’s life, read the rest of the story in his riveting book, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO, and find the peace and hope that Mike found.