“They are trying to steal the election,” says Mike in this Joe Piscopo interview

“We’re in this quagmire with President Trump. He loves you. The President loves you and you know we’re just rooting for the guy, but this is wild Mike,” states Joe Piscopo in this interview with Mike.

“They are stealing the election”

“What a shame,” responds Mike. “They are trying to steal the election. We can’t let it happen…it’s just terrible.” So, according to Mike, it is going to “have to be looked at” through the courts and “maybe you have to do a do-over.” Because it is “just appalling.” Joe responds, saying, “I believe it will go to the Supreme Court.”

Mike was in Washington, DC on election night. He was waiting for the numbers to come in, excited about seeing “four more years of this great president,” and all of a sudden, “crooked Fox goes, Arizona goes to Biden.” “Where did that come from? Just amazing.”

Mike has a strong relationship with Trump, saying that “He just wants to help people.” Trump is “such an amazing listener. He’s got a God-given gift of looking at a problem, creating a solution, and knowing what it’s going to manifest to.” Mike says that Trump just “wants to make decisions to help the country,” while there are so many that “make decisions based on political reasons.”

Everything is so political

“There is such a fear factor in the suburbs, in the South, and downtown,” Mike says. And that “just goes to show you the brainwashing that goes on in our country and the cheating that goes on.” For example, look at the “terrible” governors in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, that keep people “holed up with this virus” for “political reasons.”

“It’s funny that during the riots, all of a sudden the China virus was gone. The only one wearing masks were the people wrecking the stores and robbing places so you couldn’t tell who they were.”

“Everything is so political, though.” Minnesota wanted Mike to “wait until after the election” before donating 1.5 million masks to the state. Facebook would not let Mike run MyPillow ads because they said he was “too branded with the President.” And, Fox News would not let Mike run his book ad because they called it political.

Mike does look at things philosophically, though, saying “God’s in control of everything and, you know, maybe it was meant to be so all the corruption can be exposed, so we have fair elections from here on.” So, “it goes to the Supreme Court” and “gets things fixed, and we arrest the people that did it.”

To be a success, start with a problem and create a solution

Then, on a personal note, Mike talked about how he became a successful entrepreneur: you start with the problem, then create a solution. For example, with his Giza Dream Sheets, he found that the best cotton was Giza cotton, grown in a region between the Sahara Desert, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Nile River where, Mike learned, the cotton grows longer, stronger, and softer. The cotton is so good, Mike said, that he didn’t know if he would “give up my sheets or MyPillow.”

Mike didn’t stop there, though. He asked, “can it be better?” And the answer was, “yes.” So, he added a satin weave and a 10-year warranty. Plus, the sheets do not pill and the color does not fade. And, he made sure the sheets were big enough.

Then, as an entrepreneur, he “learned by the deviations and got feedback.” After that, he adjusted accordingly.

The greatest revival in history

Mike ends by saying that he tries to live by Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.”.

Mike believes that if you “try to live right and follow the code, things will turn out well.” And that’s why he has faith in this election and “our great president” and the “great things he’s done.”

Plus, “people look for hope when things are bad.” Towards that, Mike has a huge addiction platform, the Lindell Recovery Network, that Mike has been working on for years. For, he looks at “addiction as an opportunity for the greatest revival in history because people are looking for hope.” And, we all need hope, for we “need to heal our nation.”

As Joe says, “you’re a man with the biggest heart of anyone I know. And your faith is stronger than anyone I know. And we are so lucky to have you in our lives.”

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