They made pillows. cubicles, gin, and kayaks. Now they’re all making COVID-19 gear

“Across Minnesota and the nation, manufacturers of a wide range of products are retooling their factories to produce equipment to help fight the spread of the novel coronavirus,” reports this Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal article.

MyPillow is proud to join these manufactures and has “shifted 75 percent of its production capacity over to mask-making.” It is currently making 10,000 masks daily and is aiming to produce 50,000 masks/day.

Meanwhile, other Minnesota manufacturers who normally make products as diverse as gin, ethanol, textiles, kayaks, and cubicles are now making plexiglass screens for pharmacy and financial companies, face shields for medical workers, and even industrial-strength alcohol for hand sanitizers.

It is all part of Minnesota coming together and doing their part to fight this deadly coronavirus.

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