Tom Barnard interviewing Mike: “It’s a big deal that Mike is introducing the President of the United States!”

As the Honorary Chairman of the Minnesota Trump campaign, Mike Lindell will be an opening speaker for President Trump at the Target Center in Minneapolis on October 10th, 2019. As Tom Barnard in this interview on 92 KQRS says, “Congratulations on being picked to be the guy introducing the President. I’d say it’s got to be a hell of an honor for a former drug addict.”

And Mike is not going to stop talking about Trump. He intends to spend this year and next getting the word out about the great things that are getting done by Trump right here in Minnesota, such as:

  • The 128 opportunity zones that will affect 500,000 Minnesotans.
  • How Trump is on board with what Mike is doing to help addicts with his Lindell Recovery Network™.
  • How the wages are going up so consumer confidence is going up. So, entrepreneurs are now “starting new businesses because they can take chances since they can fall back on the good-paying jobs that are out there.”

As Mike says, Trump “just wants to help people and get the country right.”

Meanwhile, Mike himself continues to contribute to the Minnesota economy: he currently has 1,600 employees and he is once again hiring due to his new platform, This is Mike’s newly launched platform that helps young entrepreneurs start their businesses and gain the success that Mike was able to obtain.

Plus, Mike continues to spread the word of his inspiring life and Jesus. In fact, “he has a couple of large Evangelistic speaking events, one in Dallas and one in Houston,” which he’s really looking forward to. See Mike’s event page for these and all of Mike’s upcoming events.

In summary, Tom says: “Why do we have Michael Lindell on? Because he’s a Minnesota guy that was a crack addict for years. He rose up from that and became a CEO of a very large corporation and he’s a man of deep faith. I think it’s a big deal that Mike, a Minnesotan, is introducing the President of the United States!”