Trump 2024: New documentary looks at what happens to America after Trump leaves office

What will our country look like in 2024 if President Trump is reelected for a second term – and if he is not? The movie, Trump2024, due to come out in September, intends to show just what will happen, to “show a side of Trump the media doesn’t show.”

Mike is one of the backers of Trump2024, saying that “he fears the country is doomed if Donald Trump fails to win a second term in office. This is the most important election in history.” He goes on to say that “I come from a time where I didn’t know anything about politics. Well, I know now they are the most important things that affect our lives every single day.”

When asked about how Christians can support Trump, given Trump’s behavior, the answer from Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Paul Crouch, Jr. (one of the producers of the film) is “Listen, we did not elect Donald Trump to be the pastor of my church or your church. We elected him to be President. And one thing that we explore in this film very, very clearly is ‘will God use flawed leaders?’ And the answer is absolutely yes.”

As Mike says, Trump “is the guy that God has chosen for such a time as this.”

Mike has gotten an “amazing response” to the movie because people realize the “seriousness of what is going to happen in November.” And, we have “got to get the message out there to people on the left to educate them about what Trump has done for their Christian values.”

You can read the details in the article here.  And then find out for yourself what Trump2024 is about by viewing the trailer here.