Trump Endorses Supporter’s ‘MyPillow’ During North Dakota Rally: ‘I Actually Use Them Believe it or Not’

Don’t Rest Until You Get Out To Vote on November 6

President Trump gave a major shout-out to Mike Lindell and his MyPillow, declaring that “I actually use them, believe it or not,” to the cheers of the crowd.

He went on to tout Mike’s ad buying abilities, stating that “I want you to be my ad buyer because I guarantee you, he makes great deals.”

Mike, who attended the North Dakota rally where Trump spoke, is a staunch supporter of the President and has been a supporter since the early days of Trump’s campaign. Mike thoroughly agrees with Trump’s assessment that he, with other supporters, have “had a great journey together and we are making progress like nobody thought possible.”

In fact, Mike wrote an article,“Rest easy, Minnesota; Trump is winning for us,”  about this journey, where Mike declares that Trump’s accomplishments are “beyond what I ever expected.”


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