Trump, evangelizing, and helping addicts: Mike’s interview on Piscopo in the Morning

Mike talks about his inspirational story, his evangelizing, how he is helping drug addicts, and how he becomes more and more proud of President Trump in this interview on “Piscopo In The Morning” on AM 970 The Answer.

Mike at the Rochester, MN Trump Rally

Mike (who has often talked about a lifetime fear of speaking to people) spoke in front of 1000’s at the Trump rally in Rochester, making national news. And, the first thing Mike had to do was disprove the fact that he was ever a Democrat. Instead, as he says, “he was a former crack-addict.” In fact, Mike wasn’t even political until he met (and became sold on) President Trump.

Mike also had a private meeting for 1/2 hour during the rally where Mike talked about his passions: the inner cities and bringing jobs back. Mike has always said that “there is going to be no better President in history” and, when he walked out of this meeting, he was even prouder of the President.

Made in America

Mike goes on to talk about American jobs and what they mean for America. For example, with MyPillow, it is not only about the Minnesotan jobs at MyPillow, it is the ripple effect: there are also American jobs for the pillows’ cotton and Wisconsin jobs for MyPillow’s patented foam.

As Mike says, just think what would happen to America if every company left America, for when companies leave America, they take their jobs – and all jobs supporting their businesses  – with them.

And now, Mike says, we have a President who is “bringing it all back, it’s amazing.”

Towards this, what can we do to help? As Mike said at the rally, “get out and vote because President Trump needs help and he needs support and this is the best way we can do it.”

Mike speaks out about Jesus

Mike had dinner with Trump and 8 others a couple weeks ago. At that dinner, Mike said he had to explain to a member of the press that when President Trump called out Mike at the Fargo, MN rally, that the impact wasn’t selling more pillows, it was the emphasis of Mike as a businessman which “raised my level of popularity so I could go out and evangelize and speak out about Jesus at big events, like I did at US Bank Stadium.”

And towards that, Mike is going to be speaking to over 200,000 people in Dallas on October 21-22 at the PULSE Together event (an event for millennials with music and Evangelical leaders) where Mike will be leading all in prayer and telling his story of redemption, as Mike did at the Pulse Event in Minneapolis at the US Bank Stadium to 60,000 people.

The Lindell Recovery Network™: a Platform of Hope

Mike is working on his Lindell Recovery Network™, a “revolutionary platform I have been working on which will set people free from addiction once and for all.”

And, for Mike, this is fulfilling his promise to his drug dealers, who actually had an intervention for him after he was up for 14 days. They said: “You made a promise to us that someday this pillow company will be a platform for God, and you’re gonna come back and you’re gonna help us someday and, you know, we’re not gonna let you die on us.”

And, on January 16, 2009, Mike prayed to be released from all his addictions, because he knew that otherwise, he would lose this platform that God gave him. He has been clean and sober ever since.

Mike’s life, the short version

Mike said that 1000’s of people at the Minnesota State Fair said one of two things to him:

  1. “Your story of coming to Jesus inspires me,” and
  2. “Thank you for backing the president: we love him and we are behind him.”

And, when you look at Mike’s life, this pretty much encapsulates what his life is about, for Mike does, indeed, put his passion into Jesus, President Trump, and helping others through his MyPillow platform